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Blendzall Gives AMA Members 20 Percent Discount

Oil is the lifeblood of most motorcycles, and AMA Partner Blendzall offers AMA members a discount on oil and more to keep their bikes running in tip-top shape.

The Ohio-based lubricant company gives AMA members a 20 percent discount on all Blendzall racing lubricants and merchandise at

Blendzall has been manufacturing high-quality racing lubricants in the motorcycle industry since 1959, involved in road racing, dirt track, motocross and off-road racing. Blendzall’s world famous castor racing oil accounts for countless race wins, championships and even world records.

Blendzall says that its premium racing lubricant uses only the finest degummed castor oil as its base. The company blends in proprietary additives that form chemical “hooks” that bond to metal surfaces.

“A special blending catalyst makes Blendzall the only racing castor to mix permanently and perfectly with gasoline and methanol,” the company says.

Other advantages, Blendzall says, include that the oil burns 100 percent clean, which removes power-robbing deposits that foul plugs and rings; the oil maintains its viscosity from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a high film strength throughout the race; Blendzall’s unique formulation allows it to flow directly to critical, high-temperature areas for greater cooling and prevention of metal galling; and closer clearances are possible for greater engine efficiency.

For more information, visit and use the AMA member discount code at checkout to get your discount. For the AMA discount code, go to