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Avid Motorcyclist Erin Reda Joins AMA Government Relations Department

Reda brings experience and passion for advocacy to the position of AMA Government Relations Grassroots Coordinator

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Avid motorcyclist Erin Reda, who has a history and passion for advocating for her local riding communities, is the American Motorcyclist Association’s new Government Relations Grassroots Coordinator.

Reda will be based at the AMA Government Relations office in Washington, D.C., reporting to AMA Government Relations Director Mike Sayre.

“Erin’s experience with organizing at the local level will be a great asset to the AMA Government Relations team,” Sayre said, “and the fact that she has built that experience serving her community around motorcycling makes her a natural fit for the Grassroots Coordinator role.”

In that role, Reda will support the AMA Government Relations department in its advocacy work by activating AMA members on issues that impact motorcycling as well as furthering the AMA’s work through connections with local activists and organizers.Erin Reda

Reda is the Co-founder of MotoXmission, a community service-focused riding organization. She spends her free time leading rides and volunteering for events with members to uplift the communities around them. Reda also serves as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative for Engines For Change, an organization that mobilizes motorcyclists to make a positive difference in the world.

“I have benefited immensely from the inclusive and diverse communities that motorcycling has brought into my life,” Reda said. “I am excited to further advocate for the motorcycling community through the Grassroots Coordinator position and am eager to work hard to ensure that everyone has the right to experience all the positive aspects of motorcycling.”

As an avid rider, Reda has experienced her fair share of unexpected breakdowns on the road. In a coincidental stroke of luck last summer, after her clutch cable broke and she was left stranded on the side of a highway with a dead phone, the first person to stop to lend a helping hand was AMA Government Relations Manager for On-Highways Issues Tiffany Cipoletti. On and off the road, the AMA Government Relations department is always there to support fellow riders.

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