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August ‘American Motorcyclist’ Features Motorcycle Photography, Movie Magic and More

Check out your August issue of American Motorcyclist magazine for stories on chronicling the motorcycle lifestyle in photos, AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Peter Starr reflecting on his classic motorcycling movie Take It To The Limit and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Wayne Rainey writing about MotoAmerica road racing in 2020.

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The August issue cover story highlights David Goldman’s efforts to travel the globe chronicling the motorcycling lifestyle with his camera. Goldman set out to create what he called “’the motorcycle portraits’ document and highlight individuals whose lives are deeply connected to motorcycling.”

Among those featured in portraits in the August issue of American Motorcyclist magazine are Paulo Rosas of California, founder of Pagnol-Moto, which creates riding gear; Jesse Jobst of New York, who is prepping for an around-the-world motorcycle journey and custom motorcycle builder Bobbee Singh of India who founded Old Delhi Motorcycles.

In the Peter Starr story, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer talks about the making of his 1980 motorcycle racing movie Take It To The Limit and his crew’s mission to “make the best motorcycle movie we could, standing in the right spot, pointing the camera, rolling the film and hoping that our chosen riders hit pay dirt that day. We weren’t disappointed.”

Starr says: “The promises of youth, in filmmaking, as well as motorcycle racing, so often go unfulfilled. In this film, however, we captured some of the most iconic moments in motorcycle racing history.”

The film explores various forms of motorcycle racing from road racing to speedway to motocross.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Wayne Rainey, meanwhile, outlines in his article how MotoAmerica roadracing is happening and the challenges organizers face during the COVID-19 crisis. Rainey, a former world road racing champion, is one of the founders of the MotoAmerica professional road racing series.

Rainey notes that the 2020 MotoAmerica series opened May 29-31 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis., with no spectators. Organizers followed health and safety protocols and the event proved to be a success.

For the second round on June 26-28 also at Road America, team personnel wore masks and fans attended the race. They weren’t required to wear masks but social distancing was encouraged.

He also notes that television viewership is encouraging.

Read about all that and more in the August 2020 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine.