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American Motorcyclist Association Says ‘Watch for Riders’

Labor Day weekend traffic calls for vigilance, caution

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — With the long weekend for the Labor Day holiday Sept. 5-7, the American Motorcyclist Association asks motorists to be especially aware of nearby motorcycles as they travel to family gatherings and other outings.

“As we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and contributions of American workers on this holiday, all road users must be aware of the increase in traffic and potential distractions that come with holiday weekends,” AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman said. “We must recognize our responsibility for the safety of our passengers and those in and on other vehicles we encounter in our travels.”

The AMA urges riders and drivers to stay alert, maintain plenty of space between vehicles and take an extra look before changing lanes.

“All road users should remain sober and distraction-free,” Dingman said.

As part of its mission to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling, the AMA works to make America’s highways safer for motorcyclists.

The AMA remains at the forefront in dealing with distracted driving by motorists, is taking steps to ensure that motorcyclists are accounted for in the development and deployment of automated vehicle technology and, through the federal Motorcyclist Advisory Council, is sharing riders’ perspectives on infrastructure needs.

Please visit for the official AMA position statement on Distracted and Inattentive Vehicle Operation.

The AMA’s position statement on automated vehicles is available at

More information about the Motorcyclist Advisory Council is available at