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American Motorcyclist Association and INIT ESPORTS to develop two-wheel sim racing

Organizations sign Letter of Intent for AMA eSports National Championship events

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association and INIT ESPORTS have pledged to work together throughout 2020 and beyond to develop two-wheel esports championships and tournaments, turning riders into gamers and gamers into riders.

Toward that goal, the AMA and INIT ESPORTS have signed a Letter of Intent to plan, promote, organize and execute AMA-recognized esports events. INIT will manage esports championships representing a number of traditional motorcycling disciplines that are organized to the highest standards, earning the winners of these events recognition as AMA eSports National Champions and AMA eSports National No. 1 plates.

“The AMA, which includes its chartered clubs, promoters and its members, has been organizing motorcycling activity in America since 1924,” said AMA Chief Operating Officer James Holter. “As motorcycling has evolved, the association has established new affiliations and partnerships with recognized experts in these new areas. Signing this Letter of Intent with INIT ESPORTS lays the foundation for such a partnership for the digital gaming landscape.

“In addition, these efforts create another channel to welcome more members of underserved communities and minority populations to participate in AMA events, both digitally and in the real world,” Holter added. “While more riders are becoming gamers every day, we anticipate also turning many gamers into riders.”

In parallel with this announcement, INIT ESPORTS also announced a partnership with Twitch, a live streaming platform for gamers, to develop relationships with pro athletes and sim racers, including getting them signed up and running on the platform.

Stefy Bau, Director and co-founder of INIT ESPORTS and three-time Women’s World Motocross Champion, said: “We are delighted to be delivering on our vision of bringing esports into the two-wheel world through our partnership with the AMA. Strengthening this further, our relationship with Twitch will enable us to add value to the athletes that sign up to work with INIT ESPORTS going forward.”

INIT ESPORTS was formed in 2019 with the objective of being a broadcaster and tournament organizer for two-wheel off-road esports events. In addition, it is focused on assisting brands, rights holders and gamers in the US, Europe and Asia to understand the opportunities within the competitive gaming sector, with a specific emphasis on women and motorsports (Sim Racing). For more information, visit