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AMA Podcast Offers the Inside Scoop on Racing and More

What’s it take to win enduros at the highest levels? What was it like racing motocross during its infancy in America? What were the challenges in running championship-winning racing efforts for Honda and Kawasaki?

Get the answers to those questions and more from the people who actually tackled those challenges, and succeeded. People like eight-time AMA National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson, MX pioneer Gunnar Lindstrom, Honda Racing leader Gary Mathers and Kawasaki Racing guru Rob Muzzy.

You can hear what they have to say by tuning in to “On The Line With The AMA,” which is a podcast featuring AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductees and other motorcycle racing greats, industry innovators and rights advocates.

You can hear the insightful discussions at

Episodes include:

Episode 1, April 15, 2020: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers Gary Mathers and Rob Muzzy (above). Gary Mathers is best known for his successful career at the helm of American Honda’s racing efforts. Rob Muzzy’s name is synonymous with numerous Kawasaki championships. For many years, the two men worked together before managing opposing teams.

Episode 2, May 6, 2020: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers Dick Burleson and Gunnar Lindstrom. Gunnar Lindstrom is a Swedish-born rider best known for ushering in the sport of motocross in America. Dick Burleson is revered for his eight consecutive AMA National Enduro Championships and eight consecutive ISDT gold medals.

Episode 3, June 3, 2020: AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman and Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council. In this episode we talk with AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman and Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council. In addition to leading the dominant nonprofits in American motorcycling, these men direct important affiliate organizations, including the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Episode 4, July 9, 2020: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers Debbie Evans and Gary Davis. For decades, Debbie Evans and Gary Davis have wowed movie and television audiences as professional stunt riders. Their names may not be household words like the stars they stood in for, but their credits include numerous box-office blockbusters and popular television shows.

Episode 5, July 27, 2020: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Mona Ehnes and her son, AMA Board Chair Russ Ehnes. In the 1960s, Hall of Famer Mona Ehnes and her family enjoyed off-road riding in the Montana mountains often. When controversial legislation was introduced to close trails and restrict riding opportunities, she got involved. Mona’s son, Russ, has been a motorcycling rights advocate all of his life. Today, he is chair of the AMA Board of Directors. Fighting to preserve access to public lands is a job that requires long days and gets little publicity but when motorcycling in your blood, the call to act is strong.