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AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award-Historical

The AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award is given to an individual who has contributed to the promotion of the motorcycling lifestyle and the protection of on-highway motorcycling, and has consistently demonstrated leadership, hard work, and dedication to the AMA mission.

Previous Award Winners

Please note not all awards are given out annually.

Known to friends as “Texas,” Walker is a 40-plus year rider, with more than 20 years as a leader in motorcycle rights. As the government relations specialist for the Washington Road Riders Association, a state-level motorcycle rights organization, he has been involved in efforts to preserve the rider education account as a dedicated fund, strengthen laws to punish drivers who injure or kill motorcyclists, make roadway infrastructure more “friendly” to motorcyclists, pass legislation giving motorcyclists the option to proceed through a red light when their bikes fail to trigger the traffic signal and advocate for lane splitting legislation.

  • Zurl is a lifelong political activist and the state membership adviser and public relations officer for ABATE of Pennsylvania. In a 2015 interview for American Motorcyclist magazine, Zurl said, “I learned at an early age that complaining at the diner counter accomplishes nothing. Most of the state and federal legislators are unfamiliar with motorcycling or motorcycling issues, and look to riders for answers. I realized I needed to have open discussions with the legislators, take action and offer solutions.” Zurl has participated in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Motorcycle Safety Steering Committee meetings to tackle such issues as distracted driving, motorcyclist licensing and impaired riding. And he has joined other motorcyclists to address such issues as funding the state motorcycle safety program, reducing turnpike tolls, proper vehicle registration, passenger age restrictions, parking restrictions and equipment laws.

Kobza has played a pivotal role in grassroots advocacy in California. Most recently, he was instrumental in the passing of the state’s lane-splitting bill. He is also a member of Vision Zero San Francisco, the first motorcyclist to be appointed to the city’s Vision Zero committee. Kobza serves on the California Motorcycle Safety Committee and the California Motorcyclist Safety Program advisory committee. In addition, Kobza is the owner and moderator of the Bay Area Riders Forum, an internet-based community of tens of thousands of registered members who exchange information and opinions on all things motorcycling.

Berson’s involvement in motorcycle advocacy began in 2008, when he fought discriminatory regulations in New York City. At the same time, he helped organize opposition to motorcycle-only checkpoints operated by the New York State Police. With the creation of the volunteer-driven New York Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force, motorcyclists from all walks of life marshaled their energies to improve safety, parking, awareness, education, advocacy and licensing for motorcycle and scooter riders.

Pendleton was instrumental in helping the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Ga., win the 2014 U.S. Army Forces Command Exceptional Organization Safety Award (Division Level) for superior performance in reducing fatalities in both on- and off-duty activities. In his role as the motorcycle safety program manager, he was responsible for the safety and training of more than 2,500 motorcycle riders in 3rd Infantry Division and the program has successfully reduced motorcycle-related fatalities from 12 to zero in two years.

Green was honored for his tireless efforts to train armed forces personnel at Fort Knox in Kentucky and his commitment to the Kentucky Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Green has successfully trained more than 3,000 students, conducted 111 Basic RiderCourses, 51 Basic RiderCourses2, 19 Military Sportsbike RiderCourses and 5 Advance RiderCourses.

  • Trow was selected for his progressive work with motorcyclists at Stayin’ Safe, an on-road rider coaching school that introduces advanced riding techniques in real-world environments. Trow is also author of the Rider Magazine‘s “Riding Well” motorcycling proficiency column.

AMA District 36 (Northern California) Director Wollner has been doing that for more than two decades. As a District 36 vice president and a three-time president of the Port Stockton MC, Wollner organizes 18 road events a year through the club.