Road Enduro

Road Enduro rider
Participating in an AMA Road Enduro is a fun way to layer an added dimension of challenge on top of a typical weekend ride.

A Road Enduro is a road riding event where riders are challenged to negotiate a preset course while maintaining a specific time schedule, where speed is not the determining factor. It’s a challenge that requires a high degree of strategy, as riders pass through a series of timed checkpoints and are scored on a points-lost basis, where “0” is the best score. There are different types of checkpoints where the minute of arrival will be recorded. A “Known Control” is a checkpoint whose location is known to all participants.

Road Enduro Rule Breakdown

There are various rules and regulations for Road Enduro events, and it can be overwhelming to learn all the terminology.
  • “Known Control” is a checkpoint whose location is known to all participants.
  • Secret Check” is an unknown timed checkpoint.
  • “Emergency Check” is the same as a secret check, except that seconds are also recorded for the purpose of breaking ties.
  • “Route Card” will provide the key time for the start and for all known controls, as well as the exact mileage and schedule in miles-per-hour between the controls, turns and the direction of each turn

The course must be laid out and the time schedule established in compliance with all local and state laws, including speed limits. A more detailed explanation of the event is available in the AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook.

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