Hare and hound races are desert races. They are popular in the western states where there are large amounts of open land to race, and they challenge riders to compete over a natural terrain course 40-120 miles long, passing through a series of checkpoints. Similar to enduros in course length, hare and hound events have more in common with cross country races when it comes to race format. Hare and hounds are an all-out race with a mass start.

National Championship Series

The top hare and hound series in the country is the AMA Hare and Hound National Championship Series. It is promoted and organized by the AMA’s promoting partner for the series, the National Hare and Hound Association. The NHHA works with local clubs to build the series, is responsible for round-to-round consistency, manages sponsor relationships and serves as a central information hub for racers.

Getting Started

Like all AMA-sanctioned disciplines, hare and hound competition offers classes for all skill levels and ages of riders. Riders can find a class for them at a typical hare and hound event. Whether you are interested in competing against some of the best desert racers in the world or you just want to enjoy a fun day on your motorcycle, you can do so at an AMA-sanctioned hare and hound.

Even the national series has a number of classes intended for riders with a range of backgrounds and skill levels. For beginners, the NHHA provides an excellent introduction to hare and hound racing so new entrants into the sport can get started safety and competitively.


The AMA National Hare and Hound Championship Series was created in 1985 and made its introduction in the 1986 season. The AMA District 37 (Southern California) Sports Committee helped get the series off the ground and qualify for a national championship. The first AMA National Hare and Hound Champion was Dan Smith, who also won the AMA Amateur Athlete of the Year Award for his dominance. Smith won four more titles before AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Danny Hamel began his reign, winning five titles of his own. Other multi-time champions include Destry Abbott, Russ Pearson, Kendall Norman, Ricky Brabec and Hall of Famers Kurt Caselli and Ty Davis.

Learn More

To learn more about the AMA Hare and Hound National Championship Series, see www.nationalhareandhound.com. To find a non-national event, search the events section of this website.

Hare and Hound Rules

AMA-sanctioned events run according to the rules developed and written by AMA Congress, the rules-making body of the AMA composed of AMA organizers.

The AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook is for the exclusive use of AMA-chartered clubs and promoters running AMA-sanctioned events.

The rulebook applies to all AMA-sanctioned competition. Supplemental regulations are additions to the rulebook based on the needs of a specific series. All supplemental regulations are approved by the AMA.

Hare and hound rules are included in the AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook.

AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook

Supplemental Regulations

  • 2022 Youth Hare and Hound National Championship Series Supplemental Regulations (coming soon)
  • 2022 Hare and Hound National Championship Series Supplemental Regulations (coming soon)