Road Ride

Motorcycles driving down road in the desert
Cruising the interstate highway, the backroads or anything in between is a great way to enjoy the scenery, spend time solo or with friends and maybe even support a good cause.

A road ride, also called a road run, is a single- or multi-day organized ride on the road that may be a guided or self-guided route. Organizers may use a variety of mapping and other options, from paper route sheets to GPS to follow the leader.

There are several variations of road rides that can be operated, such as a charity ride—where organizations raise money for noteworthy causes—or a toy run—where participants provide a toy to be donated to a charitable organization upon registering for the ride.

A poker run is also a popular variation on the road ride. At established checkpoints along the course, participants draw sealed envelopes containing playing cards, pickup slips or markers distinctive to each checkpoint. They exchange them for a poker hand at the finish. Winners are determined by the best five-card poker hand. Any variation of poker games may be used, but the rules must be announced before the first participant begins the run. The course must be at least 30 miles long and have three or more checkpoints on the route.

**For all road-riding events, riders must have a valid motorcycle temporary permit or license and follow state and local laws. Motorcycles must be licensed and insured for street riding.**