When nobody else is riding, some motorcyclists go ice racing. Ice racing looks like an oval dirt-track race, except it’s run on ice. Ice racers also compete on grand prix-style courses with left and right turns. Racers modify a variety of machines to run on frozen lakes and ponds using off-road tires, often studded with hundreds of sheet-metal-style screws.

The best compete at the AMA Ice Race National Championship.

AMA Ice Race Grand Championships

The AMA Ice Race Grand Championships features classes for riders from 4 years old to 50-plus competing on bikes, sidecar rigs and ATVs that range from lightly modified off-road machines to full-on, purpose-built ice racers. Riders battle for AMA National No. 1 plates in a number of classes.

Grassroots Racing

In addition to racing for AMA National No. 1 plates at the AMA Ice Race Grand Championship, AMA members compete in local ice racing events every winter. Northern Indiana, Michigan, New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin are some of the premier locales for ice racing.

In recent years, promoters have branched out from traditional oval ice races to road race-inspired courses with multiple left and right turns making up the course.

Amateur Competition Rules