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Enduros are one of the oldest forms of motorcycle competition. Run on a challenging route that includes wooded and desert terrain, more difficult “test” sections are connected with roads, fire roads or easy two-track trail. Enduros can vary greatly across the country, but one thing is certain everywhere: They are one of the most enjoyable, thrilling and fulfilling forms of motorsports competition.

Small rows of riders — generally three to five a row — are flagged off in one-minute intervals. Aided by a route sheet that includes mileage, turn and time information, riders follow a marked course. Scores are collected at checkpoints along the way. Once all riders have finished, scores are compiled and results are posted.

In general, there are two types of scoring methods for enduros. Traditional enduros penalize riders for arriving early or late to a check. Start-control enduros only penalize riders for arriving late to a check.

Hundreds of AMA-sanctioned enduros are held across the country every year. They include local events, regional series and nationals. The discipline’s top riders compete in the AMA National Enduro Championship Series.

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