AMA Grand Tours

Grand Tours allow participants the freedom to ride to checkpoints on their own time. Most grand tours take place over several months or an entire year. Some grand tours encompass a single state, while others are nationwide. Each AMA-chartered organizer sets the tour routes, checkpoints and rules. More activities are always being added, and you can always find a complete and up-to-date list of all AMA-sanctioned events in our online events database. Also remember to check the calendar section of your American Motorcyclist magazine every month.

AMA Grand Tours Patch Order Form

OrganizerEvent TitleLocationDatesContact InformationDescription
Southern California Motorcycle AssociationGreat Lakes Cabot Trail TourVariesJanuary 15-November 30, 2024(330) 857-8131
The Tour will be a self-guided ride to twelve designated checkpoints scattered along a suggested route through the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.
Southern California Motorcycle AssociationUSA Four Corners TourVariesJanuary 15-November 30, 2024(805) 889-5220
This AMA Grand Tour offers two different USA Four Corner Tours: the “Regular” and the “True X.” The organizer will send a package containing the materials for the ride you choose. The organizer will review your completion of either ride once they receive your finisher’s package.
Southern California Motorcycle AssociationBest 15 U.S. Roads ChallengeVariesJanuary 15-November 30, 2024(330) 857-8131
This challenge started in the spring of 2011 after the AMA published a "Best 15 Roads" article in American Motorcyclist. Two riders took the challenge that year: Kathy and Larry Lamarche from Canada. Since then many riders have accomplished the feat. The list was updated in 2016 with three replacement roads and a route change to an existing road group unit.
Southern California Motorcycling AssociationCalifornia Adventure SeriesCaliforniaJanuary 15-November 30, 2024(661) 313-6942
The California Parks Adventures challenges riders to visit all the National Parks in California. There are now 25 National Park sites stretching from Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma in San Diego to the Lava Beds and Redwoods in northern California. The challenge is to ride to each park within a calendar year and document that visit with photograph and a stamp from the visitor center in your SCMA Passport. Riders then submit the completed passport and the SCMA will present them with a CA Missions pin and plaque. 
MC Grand Tour of Texas, LLCMotorcycle Grand Tour of TexasTexasFebruary 17-November 15, 2024(210) 777-1434
The purpose of the tour is to explore and experience the great state of Texas on your bike. This should be a fun exploration on your bike, not a grueling ride. This is a self-guided, Grand Tour. It is not a race and it is not a 1,000 mile a day event. Texas has fascinating history, great roads to ride, varied geographic regions, cool towns to explore, and many nice folks to meet.
Tour of HonorTour of HonorVariesApril 1 - October 23, 2024(208) 740-0899 
A self-directed ride from April through October. Visit seven memorials in any state to achieve Finisher status.