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Field meets date to the early 1900s.

A field meet is divided into many activities that test the motorcycle-handling skills of the participants. Activities relying on speed alone are to be avoided by the organizer. Many activities often are run in a bracket-style format.

Some common activities include:
A Slow Race, in which participants stage in marked lanes at the starting line. Upon the official start, riders ride as slowly as possible between marked start and finish lines. The last participant to cross the finish line wins. A rider is disqualified if a tire crosses a line of a lane and/or if rider puts a foot down.

The Ball Race is when the passenger collects and replaces tennis balls from traffic cones while the operator manages to serpentine the course without putting a foot down. This is a slow-speed contest.

These “games” are a historic part of AMA-sanctioned activity.

2023 AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook

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