AMA 100th Anniversary

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The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is gearing up for a year-long, historic celebration as it proudly commemorates its 100th anniversary in 2024.

For a century the AMA has been at the forefront of promoting and protecting the interests of motorcyclists, creating a vibrant community of enthusiasts dedicated to the joy of riding.

Since its inception in 1924, the AMA has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of motorcycling in the United States. With a rich history rooted in passion, advocacy and the freedom of the open road, the AMA has become a driving force for riders across the nation.

As one of the largest motorcycling organizations in the world, the AMA has consistently championed the rights of motorcyclists from all walks of life, evolving to embrace a diverse and growing community of riders.

100- year activities

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Commemorative Merchandise

Exclusive 100-year anniversary merchandise, including limited-edition apparel, hats, patches, pins, accessories, etc. are now available for enthusiasts who want to own a piece of AMA history at

Centennial Celebration Events

To mark this momentous occasion, the AMA has planned special events and initiatives throughout the year, including but not limited to:

AMA 100 Years Event Booth

Historical Exhibits at the Hall of Fame Museum

Explore a fascinating journey through the history of motorcycling and the AMA at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum with special curated exhibits showcasing iconic motorcycles, memorable AMA moments, and the individuals who have shaped the association.

Hall of Fame Museum visitors infront of sign

Advocacy initiatives

The AMA will continue its commitment to advocating for the rights of motorcyclists, addressing key issues affecting the community, promoting a positive image of motorcycling, and encouraging government recognition — at the local, state and federal levels — of the organization’s centennial.

As the American Motorcyclist Association enters its second century, it remains dedicated to its mission — promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and protecting the future of motorcycling —ensuring that the legacy of the organization and the freedom of the open road is preserved for generations to come.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Joy Burgess, AMA Director of Marketing and Communications

100-Year Anniversary Logos

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