Once you are established as a motorcycle event organizer and begin conducting events, it’s essential that you show certain courtesies to the community. Through thoughtful consideration and planning, your chance of ensuring your future in the community will be greatly improved.

Always remember:

Regardless of what type of event you are planning, always advise all local authorities who might have jurisdiction. Personally contact the local police, sheriff’s office and highway patrol. Tell them what the event is, where it is, when it is and how long it will run. If they have this knowledge beforehand, they won’t be likely to interrupt the event. We also recommend you follow up with a written report.

As a promoting organization, you may own your own property or lease, rent or use the property of another landowner or manager. Using land owned and managed by others requires thorough preparation, including planning, communications and follow up. When done properly, you will greatly increase the likelihood that you will continue to be able to use property owned and managed by others.

For motorcyclists, noise is a double-edged sword. Two distinct problems are involved:

1) Excessive noise is capable of causing actual and permanent physical damage, and

2) Excessive noise for the motorcyclist is a serious political and public relations problem.

Because of this, the AMA, its organizers and its members have conducted a progressive national noise abatement program for well over 25 years. Trying to curb noise is a cooperative, friendly effort.

We are all in this together and we should always try to work together to solve the problems confronting motorcycling. Each individual must make a personal effort to understand and help solve problems.

Protecting Yourself

Even though your organization may become affiliated with the AMA, your organization remains a separate, independent entity responsible for its own actions. It’s neither legally nor practically possible for the AMA to assume responsibility for a chartered organization. Motorcycle organizations should secure adequate liability insurance coverage. This is especially important if your organization ever hosts an event that invites the public.