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ATV Racing

The AMA is not just for motorcyclists. In addition to motorcycle racing, the AMA also sanctions ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, competition in America. Many events feature both ATV and motorcycle classes, while some series are strictly for ATVs, and others essentially operate two concurrent series, with ATVs competing on one day and motorcycles another.

Here are some of the top series sanctioned by the AMA. In addition, nearly all local off-road and motocross events feature ATV classes. To find one near you, search the events calendar on this website.

AMA ATV Extreme Dirt Track National Championship Series

The AMA ATV Extreme Dirt Track National Championship Series features fast-paced, full-throttle oval racing by America’s fastest ATV dirt trackers. Riders slide broadside around turns, inches apart, spraying massive amounts of roost as they battle for position.

Classes are available for a range of ages and machine categories.

AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series

The AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series includes both professional and amateur classes, traveling to some of the best motocross tracks in the country. Riders soar over jumps, roost around corners and race down whooped-out straights, competing on ATV motocross’ biggest stage.

While the pro classes feature the best ATV motocross racers in the world, a number of amateur and developmental classes are included in the program to support a strong progression through the ranks.

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2018 ATV Motocross National Championship Series Schedule

Round 1
March 12
Daytona International Speedway
Daytona Beach, Fla.

Round 2
April 6-7
Underground MX
Kemp, Texas

Round 3
April 27-28
Ironman Raceway
Crawfordsville, Ind.

Round 4
May 11-12
South of the Border
Hamer, S.C.

Round 5
May 25-26
Muddy Creek Raceway
Blountville, Tenn.

Round 6
June 15-16
Sunset Ridge MX
Walnut, Ill.

Round 7
June 29-30
Unadilla MX
New Berlin, N.Y.

Round 8
July 20-21
RedBud MX
Buchanan, Mich.

Round 9
Aug. 10-11
Loretta Lynn Ranch
Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

Round 10
Aug. 23
Ironman Raceway
Crawfordville, Ind.

Grand National Cross Country Series

The Grand National Cross Country series may be known as one of the premier off-road motorcycle racing series in America, but it has a deep connection to ATV racing, as well. Today, the GNCCs almost certainly host more ATV racers than any other series.

GNCC history is rooted in one of the toughest races ever held in America: the famed Blackwater 100. In the mid-1970s, the late AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer, Dave Coombs Sr., discovered the beautiful, rugged terrain around Davis, W.Va., and decided to hold a motorcycle race that would challenge the country’s best racers. “Blackwater” came from the nearby Blackwater Falls, and “100” referred to the mileage of the race. The Blackwater 100 was a hit and spawned an entire series — the “100-Miler Series” — that was renamed the Grand National Cross Country Series a few years later.

In 1983, three-wheeled ATVs became part of the program, and then four-wheeled ATVs joined a few years later. The format changed to accommodate more riders, and the series exploded in popularity and commercial success. In the early years of ATV competition, Ted Trey and Tom Tokay emerged as the first stars. Others included Chuck Delullo and the great Bob Sloan, who was arguably the first superstar of the sport.

From 1993 through 1999, Pennsylvania’s Barry Hawk notched an amazing seven straight GNCC ATV Championships. Then, with Hawk transitioning to motorcycle racing, the ATV title was up for grabs in 2000, when Kentucky’s Bill Ballance claimed the crown. Ballance was unstoppable for nine years, earning a Yamaha factory contract along the way.

Then a young gun by the name of Chris Borich snagged the 2009 ATV title. That proved the start of another great championship run, with Borich winning through 2014.

Today, the ATV racing in GNCCs is as competitive as ever, with deep fields of talent in every class.

To find a GNCC round near you, see

Photo by Zayne Watson.

AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

In addition to a comprehensive list of two-wheeled classes, the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship features multiple ATV classes. Riders in these classes take turns trying to conquer the hill as fast as they can, with the fastest — or farthest — earning an AMA National No. 1 plate. For more information on the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship, see the hillclimb section of this website.

AMA Ice Race Grand Championship

ATV racers seem drawn to extreme challenges and high thrills, and national championship ice racing offers both. The AMA Ice Race Grand Championship is the country’s top amateur event, awarding AMA National No. 1 plates in several classes, including those specifically for ATVs. For more information on the AMA Ice Race Grand Championship, see the ice racing section of this website.

AMA Iowa ATV Hare Scrambles Series
The seven-round series, especially for ATVs, runs in Iowa and Missouri.

ATV Racing Rules

AMA-sanctioned events run according to the rules developed and written by AMA Congress, the rules-making body of the AMA composed of AMA organizers.

The AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook is for the exclusive use of AMA-chartered clubs and promoters running AMA-sanctioned events.

The rulebook applies to all AMA-sanctioned competition. Supplemental regulations are additions to the rulebook based on the needs of a specific series. All supplemental regulations are approved by the AMA.

AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook

Supplemental Regulations

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