Women & Motorcycling

AMA Get Women Riding Campaign

The AMA Get Women Riding campaign features articles, videos and events designed to get more women riding motorcycles.

“Although motorcycling is a fun and accessible choice, riders must prepare with respect to proper training, safety and, of course, bike considerations,” said AMA Board of Directors Chair Maggie McNally-Bradshaw. “As true as that is for all motorcyclists, it’s even more important for women riders. Women and girls face additional difficulties in finding bikes and gear that fit them, getting certain salespeople to take them seriously and – the big one – overcoming the societal stereotype that motorcycling is something only for men. The AMA Get Women Riding campaign will help change that.”

The AMA Get Women Riding campaign is inspired by Jeanne Clendenon, a prolific motorcyclist and long-time AMA member. Clendenon, a member of the Retreads Motorcycle Club, earned many riding awards, including completing the U.S. Four Corners Tour in 21 days and winning the Retreads long-distance award four years in a row. Clendenon passed away in 2011. A recent gift from her estate contributed to this campaign.

The AMA has a long history of welcoming women to the sport, from its early affiliation with the Motor Maids, a premier motorcycling group for female riders, to more recent conferences designed specifically for women. The AMA Get Women Riding campaign includes a number of initiatives to continue the tradition of attracting more women to motorcycling.

“We’ve put together four videos – public service announcements – that promote riding to women by women,” McNally-Bradshaw said. “These videos focus on the sport, camaraderie and individual enjoyment that comes from riding. We encourage all of our members and partners in the industry to share them and help spread the word.”

The videos are hosted on the AMA’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/AmericanMotorcyclist.

On May 9, 2015, the AMA hosted its first Ladies Day at the AMA: Workshops on Motorcycles, Gear and Riding for the New Rider. Supported by local partners and dealers, the free event featured several presenters who answered questions about how to get started in motorcycling, motorcycle types and how to choose the right gear and who provided information about safety training.

“I remember when I was new to motorcycling, and what really got me excited was learning to ride,” McNally-Bradshaw said. “These workshops focus on the practical information new riders need to get started the right way.”

In addition, several profiles about prominent women riders and articles by women riders are featured on this website. To submit your story, send an email to submissions@ama-cycle.org.