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ATV Riding

The American Motorcyclist Association has always represented ATV riders and racers, who have in turn supported the AMA. If you ride on public land, race or like to find new places to ride, you belong with the AMA.

We’ve learned from experience, and we know that when we work together, we get more done. We are more effective in battling public land closures and in defeating discriminatory laws. We are better equipped to create more opportunities to ride.

The AMA supports ATV riders in many ways.

Advocacy: The AMA is your strongest advocate in Washington, D.C. Our freedoms are threatened by public land closures, limitations on private land use for OHVs and sound ordinances that discriminate against ATV riders. The AMA is a valuable resource for local organizations defending ATV riders from unfair state and local laws. Visit our Advocacy Center to see what’s happening in your state and around the country.

AMA Roadside Assistance: AMA Roadside Assistance covers your cars, trucks, RVs and non-commercial trailers—not just for you, but also for everyone living in the member’s household. This valuable service is available at no additional cost to members who purchase a three-year memberships or elect to auto-renew their membership annually. It’s paid for by the savings the AMA receives from not having to send expensive renewal mailings each year. Click here to learn more.

Discounts & Savings: AMA Member Benefit partners provide AMA members dozens of money-saving discounts. Many of these are exclusive to AMA members and can save you more than the cost of your annual membership dues. Check out AMA Member Benefits here.

AMA Events: The AMA sanctions the largest collection of ATV races anywhere. If it happens on quads, from ATV motocross to Extreme Dirt Track to Grand National Cross Country and more, the AMA is involved in it. When you race in our events, you know that you’re participating in the best-run, highest-profile ATV racing in the country. Search for events in your area here and join now to participate!

ATV News: The monthly ATV News brings you profiles of people who ride, tips to help you ride better, capsule evaluations, notices of new products and more. And you can find a lot of useful information on this website. In our Members Only section you’ll find places you can ride in your area, in your state and all over the country.

Become an ATV member of the AMA now by calling 800-AMA-JOIN (262-5646) or visit our join page.


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