Forms and Training for Risk Management Officers

Release and waiver procedures are very important for all AMA-sanctioned events. These guidelines will help you be better prepared.

Organizer Release Waivers

Event liability releases for competition organizers:

Event liability releases for recreation organizers:

Annual Minor Release Waivers

Please visit the following page for more information: Annual Minor Release Forms

Please Note: Annual Minor Release Cards are only active for the calendar year and will expire on December 31st of every year. If you submit a minor release waiver at the end of 2019, you will be required to submit a new one in January of 2020 for the minor to continue racing.

Risk Management Workshops

AMA chartered clubs and promoters must complete an AMA Risk Management Workshop every year. To ensure AMA sanction eligibility, organizers are encouraged to turn in the Affidavit of Review with their annual charter application.

This requirement can be met by viewing a series of online risk management videos and returning a signed Affidavit of Review to the AMA.

Flagger Video

The 12-minute-long DVD, produced by the Brett Downey Safety Foundation, teaches proper technique to caution flaggers on motocross tracks.