Affiliate Program

Rewarding those who support AMA membership

The American Motorcyclist Association’s Affiliate Program lets you make money while you protect motorcyclists’ freedom to ride and race.

The AMA is many things, but one of those is a grassroots movement to stop anti-motorcycling laws across the country. More members mean more political clout, which helps protect riders and the entire motorcycle industry — including the entire business and social community that has grown up around riders.

The AMA Affiliate Program is simple. It’s intended to reward members of the motorcycling community — from event organizers to dealers to websites to rider education groups and more — for selling AMA memberships. Enrolled groups simply place an AMA link on their website that contains a tracking code. For every new AMA member who signs up through this link, the entity that sold this membership gets $5. For every AMA member who renews, it gets $2.50.

In exchange, the AMA gets the support it needs to strengthen its position as a membership-based grassroots effort.

Get Started

Step 1: Call (800) AMA-JOIN and ask to enroll in the AMA Affiliate Program.

Step 2: We’ll send you an email with your link, loading instructions, embedded tracking code and contact information.

Step 3: Follow the simple instructions to copy and paste the code into your website’s content management system. The AMA link will appear on your website.

Step 4: When customers click through the AMA link and join, the business gets $5 for each new member and $2.50 for each renewing member. Your tracking code can also be used on any e-newsletter, email or any other communication, and you can get credit for members who sign up.

Step 5: A check will be sent out each quarter for each member who joins or renews through the website.

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