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Armored Shirts, Pants and Shorts

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For over 20 years, Bohn Body Armor has geared up riders all over the world with versatile, easy to wear armored motorcycle clothing.

Bohn Body Armor’s shirts, pants and shorts is designed to fit comfortably under your clothes. Bohn offers protection on all the crucial impact areas (shoulder, arm, elbow, tailbone, hip, thigh, knee and shin – CE-Level 1 on shoulders, elbows, knees and hips). The system comes in three different options for any type of riding weather.

  • Cool-Air Mesh—lightweight, breathable mesh for extreme heat and humidity
  • All-Season Adventure—comfortable, stretchy mesh and Lycra® for all seasons
  • Performance-Thermal—warm, 10.4oz Lycra® for cool/cold weather

What makes Bohn Body Armor so unique is their product versatility. You can mix and match shirts, shorts and pants to meet your unique riding needs and riding conditions.

With Bohn, you only need to purchase the armor once because they offer fabric shells without armor. This means you’ll always have a spare set ready for your next ride. You can also easily change between sizes and styles without having to buy an entire set each time.

No more buying full suits of heavy, bulky leather. Now you can simply wear Bohn armored clothing under your favorite riding jeans, pants, jackets and rain gear while still having incredible, low profile impact protection.

Sizes from XXS-3XL. Available in 6 different colors and fabrics to meet your style and riding needs.

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