The AMA offers an Electronic Annual Minor Release Form for families to fill out for their minor racers ahead of their events. It is important to provide all the requested information.

Minor participants must have an active AMA membership for the minor release to be accepted. Upon submission of the electronic waivers, you will receive a confirmation email that you should save for your records. Annual Minor Release Cards are only active for the current calendar year and will expire every year on December 31st.

The current processing time is 4 weeks. The beginning of the racing seasons sees an influx of submissions, so a longer turnaround may occur. 

For any other questions or concerns, contact Connie Fleming at

Both Parents/Guardians Version – This version requires each parent/guardian to sign and submit a form individually to complete the process.

Electronic Annual Minor Release Form

Sole Custody Version – This version requires the parent/guardian with legal sole custody to sign and submit one form to complete the process.

Electronic Annual Minor Release Form – SOLE CUSTODY

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minor release card? The American Motorcyclist Association encourages all minors to have a minor release form on their file for the current racing year if they are participating in AMA-sanctioned events – the event organizers may require additional documentation that is separate from the AMA.

Do I need to fill out separate forms if I have more than one minor racer? Yes, every minor racer in your household is required to have their own minor release form on file.

Does my minor need their own AMA membership to receive a release card? Yes, minor release cards are only valid if the minor racer has an AMA membership with their own AMA number; we are not able to provide minor release cards to any individual that does not have an active profile – please visit the following link to sign up for a membership: Join the AMA.

Do you only accept the current year’s form? Yes, any forms we receive that have the previous year’s date, or is not in the correct format, will not be processed – please do not cross anything out on the forms, including old dates, as this invalidates them.

When will the minor release card expire? The minor release card expires at the end of every calendar year, on December 31st, and you must submit a new form every year to receive a valid card – you cannot reuse an old minor release card.

Do both parents or guardians need to sign the form? Yes, both parents or guardians are required to sign the electronic forms or the printed forms, unless the parent or guardian has legal sole custody of the minor racer, in which case they would need to select the related box on either form indicating this. There are no exceptions.

Where can I get my document notarized? Printed minor release forms require notarization of signatures to be valid – you can find a Notary Public at most local banks.

When will I get my minor’s card? Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing, printing, and shipping – additional time may be necessary if there are any holidays or weather that affect the postal service.

What should I do if I haven’t received the minor release card? After you submit the electronic version of the minor release form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print out this confirmation email and use it until you receive the minor release card. The printed confirmation is valid as proof that the waiver has been read, the information has been filled out correctly, and the parents/court-appointed guardians of the minor racer has acknowledged it with a signature. The online waiver is an exact duplicate of the paper form. Event officials may still require additional forms.

Why did the event organizers not accept my minor release card? Some event organizers and tracks may choose to use their own insurance company and, therefore, may have their own regulations and documentation needed for parents and guardians to adhere to, beyond what the AMA offers – it is encouraged that you reach out to your minor racer’s event hosts to see forms they will or will not accept.