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2020 American Motorcyclist Association Annual Report — Recreational Riding

The AMA was originally created to organize motorcycle activity and provide a way to register riders to enhance motorcyclists’ political and societal influence. Much of the association’s activity over the decades has been recreational riding.

Recreational events focus on camaraderie, fun and accessibility. Activities include poker runs, organized road rides, trail rides, dual sport rides and adventure rides.

Q – How many recreational riding events did the AMA sanction in 2020?
A – In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of events by approximately 60%. Nevertheless, the AMA sanctioned 260 recreational riding events attended by tens of thousands of AMA members and other riders. They included street events, dual-sport and adventure rides. To learn more about AMA road riding and touring, click here.

Recreational motorcycling takes many forms, including dual-sport events. AMA photo

Q – What does the AMA offer for dual sport and adventure riders?
A – AMA dual sport and adventure riding events are two of the fastest growing on- and off-highway activities in America. In addition to local rides, the AMA sanctions superior, national-level events:
• The AMA National Dual Sport Series features challenging single-track trail tied together by incredible backroads.
• The AMA National Adventure Riding Series offers the best routes, roads and two-track trail showcasing the abilities of adventure-class motorcycles.

Street rides offer their own form of two-wheel adventure. Photo by Jeff Kardas

Q – What are some of the various street-riding events sanctioned by the AMA?
A – The AMA partners with the nation’s top organizers to offer incredible riding events across the country:
• The AMA National Gypsy Tour features some of America’s biggest and best road riding events.
AMA Grand Tours allow riders to participate at their own pace and on their own schedule.
• To find an event, visit click here.

Q – What mileage recognition programs does the AMA offer members?
A – The AMA LongRider Program allows members to track their miles ridden and earn patches at 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 annual miles or lifetime mileage awards at 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, 750,000 and 1 million miles.

Q – How do I connect with the AMA at riding rallies?
A – The AMA National Gypsy Tour is our presence at America’s biggest motorcycling events, such as Laconia, Americade, Daytona Bike Week and more. The AMA hopes to see you there!

AMA Road Captain and Trail Boss Workshops

The AMA offers two workshops to teach best practices for successfully and safely leading a group ride or off-road ride. In 2020, the AMA Road Captain Workshop and AMA Trail Boss Workshop series expanded into a virtual format to accommodate limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through the AMA EAGLES program, members learn more about the association in order to become better volunteers, grassroots activists and membership promoters. AMA EAGLES is a series of on-demand, educational training modules that empowers individuals with knowledge, tools and resources tailored to their interests. In 2020, AMA EAGLES was revised to make volunteer training more accessible online.

AMA State Chapters

The AMA State Chapter program provides a way for people to come together locally for riding, recreation and advocacy. Each AMA member belongs to a state chapter. There are no additional forms to fill out or fees to pay. The current list of AMA State Chapters is here.

AMA State Chapter Coordinators are lead volunteers in each state who work with AMA staff, AMA-chartered organizers and individual members to determine the best recreational riding and advocacy interests for the state. To apply to become an AMA State Chapter Coordinator, fill out this form.

To learn even more, click here.