2020 American Motorcyclist Association Annual Report — Racing

Motorcycle racing in America captures the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of fans, riders and racers of all experience levels. It is one of the most diverse sports on the planet, with active members from all social and economic backgrounds, ages and regions of the country.

The AMA works with motorcycle clubs and promoters to develop programs, events and series to attract competitors and keep them coming back year after year. Through longstanding relationships with organizers and members and its status as the sole U.S. affiliate of the international sanctioning body, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the AMA is the sanctioning body for the vast majority of motorcycle sport in America.

Q – How many members compete in AMA events, and how long has the American Motorcyclist Association been involved in racing?
A – Every year, tens of thousands of motorcycling enthusiasts participate in AMA-sanctioned competition events.
• The AMA has been sanctioning amateur, pro-am and professional motorcycle racing across America since the inception of the AMA in 1924.
• AMA members compete in sanctioned events on asphalt, dirt, sand, ice and gravel.
• AMA-sanctioned events are the top-tier of motorcycle racing in the country, and these events are where the fastest riders develop their skills.

Q — How is the AMA involved with promoting clubs and professional promoters on the amateur level?
A — The AMA maintains relationships with many promoting clubs and professional promoters, creating comprehensive amateur racing programs in all competition disciplines.

Q – How many competition events did the AMA sanction in 2020?
A — In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the number of sanctioned events in the U.S. However, due to the substantial efforts of the Safe To Race Task Force, competition resumed under conditions that met local, state and federal health requirements and guidelines.

The AMA sanctioned more than 1,000 amateur and pro-am competition events in the following disciplines:  Motocross/Arenacross, flat track, enduro, EnduroCross, extreme off-road, hare scrambles/Grand National Cross Country, hare and hound, hillclimb, ice racing, land speed, MotoTrials, Pro-Am Motocross, road racing, speedway, Supercross, supermoto, vintage racing, and international competition.

AMA Supercross competition is full of thrills and excitement for racers and fans alike. Photo by Jeff Kardas

Q – Does the AMA participate in professional competition?
A – The AMA sanctions numerous professional competitive series in collaboration with managing and marketing partners.
AMA Supercross, promoted by Feld Motor Sports, is one of the highest profile motorsports in the world.
MotoAmerica is the AMA’s partner in professional road racing in America.

Q – Do AMA racers compete on the international stage?
A — The AMA is the sole U.S. affiliate of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the motorcycle sanctioning body for international competition. The AMA sends teams to prestigious events, including the International Six Days Enduro, Motocross of Nations, Junior Motocross World Championship, Trial des Nations and Speedway World Cup.

AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman is the president of the North American Continental Union of the FIM, which gives him a seat on the FIM Board of Directors. He also is a member of the FIM Executive Committee and serves as chairman of the Finance Committee.

Q – Where can I view racing results for AMA competitors?
A – The AMA Race Center provides an easy-to-use web interface with full results and advancement points, cross-linked results by rider or track, rider performance charts, a comprehensive search function and coming events.

Vintage hare scrambles competition is popular at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Photo by Matt Milanowski

Q — Does the AMA sanction vintage racing?
Vintage racing is a significant part of the AMA’s racing programs. The AMA has vintage programs in all disciplines and crowns AMA Champions at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

Q – Where can riders learn more about getting started in AMA racing?
A — AMA-sanctioned motorcycle racing is the most exciting, accessible and affordable motorsport in the world. Get started here.

AMA Championship Banquet

Every year, hundreds of competitors of all ages, experience levels and disciplines gather to honor the season’s fastest amateur motorcycle racers and top event organizers at the AMA Championship Banquet. In 2020 the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the AMA still acknowledged the riders who competed successfully in national championship competition with official certificates.

AMA Championship Series and events

AMA Supermoto National Championship Series
AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series
AMA Flat Track Grand Championship
AMA Road Race Grand Championship
AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship
AMA Ice Race Grand Championship – GP
AMA Ice Race Grand Championship – Oval
AMA ATV Ice Race Grand Championship
AMA Speedway Mini 150cc Long Track National Championship
AMA Speedway Youth 250cc Long Track National Championship
AMA Speedway Under 21 National Championship
AMA Tennessee Knock Out Extreme Off-Road Grand Championship
AMA National Enduro Championship Series
AMA EnduroCross National Championship Series
AMA Grand Prix National Championship Series
AMA Grand National Cross Country Championship Series/AMA Hare Scramble National Championship Series AMA National Hare and Hound Championship Series
Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship
AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series
Kicker AMA Arenacross National Championship Series

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following racing series were not conducted in 2020.
AMA Vintage Road Race Grand Championship
AMA Speedway National Championship Series
AMA Speedway Youth National Championship
AMA Land Speed Grand Championship
AMA RSD Super Hooligan National Championship
AMA Speedway National Extreme Sidecar Championship
AMA Speedway Pairs Championship
AMA/FIM North America Youth Speedway Silver Cup Championship
FIM World Record Attempt
AMA NATC MotoTrials National Championship
AMA Vintage Hare Scramble Grand Championship
AMA Vintage Trials Grand Championship
AMA Vintage Motocross Grand Championship
Supercross Futures, an AMA National Championship

AMA Congress

During AMA Congress, AMA Commission members meet to discuss the creation and enforcement of technical and operational rules and guidelines for AMA amateur competition events and activities sanctioned by the AMA. In 2020, in light of travel and gathering restrictions mandated by state and local governments in response to COVID-19, the AMA organized a virtual AMA Congress for the first time, ensuring that much-needed discussions took place to ensure a safe and fair return to racing for the 2021 season. The following commissions take part in AMA Congress:

  • Flat Track Commission
  • Medical/Safety Commission
  • Motocross Commission
  • Off-Road Commission
  • Specialized Sports Commission
  • Sporting Commission
  • Technical Commission
  • Trials Commission

The following virtual seminars were held Dec. 3-5:

  • Racing Referee Workshop
  • Recreational Riding Event Management
  • Soliciting Sponsors for Your Event
  • Surveying Riders/Getting Event Feedback
  • Promoting Your AMA Event
  • Utilizing AMA Organizer Resources
  • Update from the AMA Government Relations Department
  • AMA State Chapter Coordinators