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2020 American Motorcyclist Association Annual Report — Financial Information

American Motorcyclist Association and Subsidiaries

Consolidated Statement of Activities (Year Ended Sept. 30, 2020)
Contributions and Revenues$11,632,531
Functional expenses$9,405,236
Administrative and support expenses$1,848,643
Increase in Net Assets from Operations$378,652
Other Income
Net interest and dividend income$291,505
Net realized and unrealized gains on investments$714,868
Grant revenue$297,292
Total Other Income$1,303,665
Net Assets
Net assets, beginning of year$7,261,981
Net assets, end of year$8,995,427
Changes in Net Assets$1,733,446
Consolidated Balance Sheet (Year Ended Sept. 30, 2020)
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents$2,085,915
Accounts receivable$294,093
Prepaid expenses and inventory$362,699
Total Current Assets$2,742,707
Property and Equipment (Net)$2,908,120
Total Assets$17,170,556
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable$775,547
Accrued compensation and related liabilities$251,453
Deferred revenue$6,347,798
Rider purses and insurance premiums$128,430
Other liabilities$671,901
Total Liabilities$8,175,129
Net Assets (Unrestricted)$8,995,427
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$17,170,556
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (Year Ended Sept. 30, 2020)
Cash Flows from Operating Activities
Increase in net assets$1,733,446
Adjustments to Reconcile Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets
Net realized and unrealized (gain) loss on investments$(760,958)
Bad debt expense-
Decrease in Operating Assets
Accounts receivable$254,628
Prepaid expenses and other$307,049
Increase in Operating Liabilities
Accounts payable$(757,951)
Accrued compensation and related liabilities$(57,306)
Deferred revenue$(79,368)
Rider purses and insurance premiums$(114,600)
Other liabilities$105,406
Net Cash (Used In) Provided By Operating Activities$1,100,567
Cash Flows from Investing Activities
Payments for Puchase of Investments$(1,960,922)
Proceeds from the Sale of Investments $1,672,213
Payments for the Purchase of Property and Equipment$(273,195)
Cash Flows from Financing Activities
Proceeds from Line of Credit$350,000
Payments on Line of Credit$(350,000)
Proceeds from Debt Obligations$450,000
Net Increase in Cash and Cash Equivalents$988,663
Cash and Cash Equivalents, Beginning of the Year$1,097,252
Cash and Cash Equivalents, End of the Year$2,085,915