2016 Annual Report

Welcome to the 2016 annual report for the American Motorcyclist Association. We continue the contemporary, streamlined approach we introduced for fiscal year 2015, offering a clear look into the activities of your AMA.

The most important area of our work is, of course, in motorcyclists’ rights and freedoms. Today’s world communicates digitally, and so does your AMA. Our electronic communications continued to grow in 2016, particularly when it comes to advocacy.

The AMA sent AMA Action Alert subscribers and elected officials a total of 5.2 million emails and facilitated more than 20,000 petition signatures in 2016. We also sent more than 88,000 physical letters. More motorcyclists continue to become engaged every year, with an additional 30,943 subscribing to AMA Action Alerts in 2016.

Many of the issues we tackled in 2016 were the same ones we have faced in recent years, including lane splitting, unsafe levels of ethanol in fuel, responsible off-highway vehicle public land access and safety concerns surrounding distracted driving and driverless cars.

On the racing front, the United States achieved what has been one of our country’s most elusive goals: winning the International Six Days Enduro World Trophy. Competing in Navarra, Spain, the U.S. World Trophy Team (led by Taylor Robert, who was the top individual rider at the event, and including Kailub Russell, Thad DuVall and Layne Michael) won the team world championship event for the first time. For their monumental achievement, the AMA recognized the members of the 2016 U.S. World Trophy Team as our 2016 AMA Motorcyclists of the Year.

AMA-sanctioned competition held firm in 2016, although sanction growth remains a challenge as the effects of the Great Recession and riders having left the sport continue to be felt years later. U.S. clubs and promoters are resolute, however, and charters have increased in many regions of the country. This suggests that when demand returns in full force, America’s organizers will be poised to provide ample opportunity for America’s racers.

After a year of membership growth in fiscal year 2015 to just over 214,000, AMA membership backtracked slightly 12 months later to 213,555. Our acquisition and retention efforts continue to buffer the AMA against the unfortunate steep declines that are still reverberating through the motorcycle industry.

While our efforts to improve the efficiency of how we do business began to bear fruit in fiscal year 2016, much work remains to be done. It has taken years to undo bloated processes, and every day we look for ways to better streamline our programs to better serve AMA members. The most important thing is we are building a stronger foundation for future growth to better promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.

Once again, I hope this modern format for the annual report continues to provide you with a fresh look at your AMA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at memberservices@ama-cycle.org.

Ride safe,

Rob Dingman
President and CEO
American Motorcyclist Association