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Special Section: Buying A Motorcycle
Are you in the market for a used motorcycle? Check out our online used-bike buying guide and arm yourself for getting a great deal on the bike you want.

Small groupSpecial Section: Kids And Bikes
Learn how to get your children started right in motorcycling, find out what gear they need, and discover the benefits of riding as a family in this special report from American Motorcyclist magazine.

33 Secrets For Smart Touring
AMA staffers share touring tactics they’ve accumulated over decades on the road.

Group Riding: 17 Tips To Ensure Everybody Has A Great Day
With a quick look in the mirror, you see your buddy following close behind with a smile on his face that matches yours. Following a few guidelines will ensure everyone keeps safe and smiling.

Touring Essentials: Don't Leave Home Without 'Em
You've been planning this motorcycle trip for over a year. The route's all settled, the bike's been serviced, and you think you're ready to go. Are you sure you have everything you need?

Trip-Planning Guide
Links to help you plan your tour. Websites on weather, maps, hotels, campgrounds, and dealers.

Loaded For The Road
Discover 27 ways to carry stuff on your motorcycle, from cramming stuff in your jacket to high-end hard saddlebags.

Tips For Crossing The Border
Planning to ride into Canada, Mexico or beyond? Here's some advice from seasoned travelers about how to make your border crossing go smoothly.

To Ship Or Not To Ship? 13 Questions To Help You Decide
So you've got this great idea for a riding vacation, but unfortunately it's on the other side of the continent, and time is not on your side. What to do?

Keeping Warm
How to do winter riding right.

Photo Tips For Motorcyclists
How to bring home with you some of the magic of your motorcycle tour.

Lock It Or Lose It
Nine ways to keep your bike from becoming a motorcycle-theft statistic.

Dealing With Parking Garage Gates
Having trouble with a parking garage gate that doesn't recognize your motorcycle? Maybe the garage doesn't allow motorcycles at all. Sometimes some negotiation can yield benefits.


12 tips imageUsed-Bike Buying Checklist
How do you make sure you don't overlook something when you're checking out a used bike? Print this checklist and take it with you.

Taking Care
If you treat your bike right, you can considerably reduce the wear and tear that makes new bikes into old bikes—or opens the door for catastrophic failure.

Three-Minute Motorcycle Check
"What a day for a ride," you think to yourself. What you should be thinking, though, is "Is my ride ready for the day?"

The Bike Stopped. Now what?
You're riding along, it's a beautiful day. Then all of a sudden, it's not. Maybe it popped or sputtered once, but the bottom line is: you're coasting to the side of the road.

Store Your Bike Right This Winter
Snow and cold weather often force those who live in the northern reaches to park their bikes until spring.

Get Your Bike Ready For Spring
Now that the warm weather is here to stay, many riders in the northern reaches of the country are faced with getting their bikes back in shape for the riding season.

De-Mystifying The Black Art Of Tire Designations
Did you know that just about everything you need to know about a tire, including when it was made, is written on the sidewall?


motorcyclists talking

The MSF Experienced RiderCourse
We all know that our motorcycles run best with an occasional tune-up. Well, the same is true for riders. AMA staffer Bill Kresnak takes the MSF Experienced RiderCourse, and gives us the lowdown on keeping the rubber side down.

Riding With Disabilities
A physical disability doesn't necessarily mean you can't ride. It may take a lot of ingenuity and some help from a skilled mechanic, but many AMA members have found ways to keep riding despite a physical handicap or old age.

Three-Wheeled Training Courses
The Evergreen Safety Council, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, offers sidecar and trike safety courses. For a schedule, call (800) 521-0778, or visit

Books We Love To Read
As much as you'd like to, you can't ride your motorcycle all the time. There are plenty of motorcycling books out there that can stoke your passion for riding even when you can't.

A Motorcyclist's Glossary
To some, motorcyclists sound like they are speaking a second language. Fact is, it's just the names and terms that have evolved over the years to describe the sport of motorcycling.