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You know you want to: Tag the Deadhorse

April 13, 2011

DeadhorseThe Aerostich Tours Adventure Team has announced June 16 - June 20, as the dates for their 2011 "Tag The Deadhorse Motorcycle Adventure Ride" to Deadhorse, Alaska, also known as Prudhoe Bay. This is one of two events that are included in the 2011 AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré National Adventure Riding Series.

Deadhorse, Alaska is the furthest point north on the North American Continent a motorcyclist can reach, at the end of the famed and treacherous 416 mile long Dalton Highway. Also known as The Haul Road, half of which is unpaved, can be snow or ice covered in the warmest of seasons and provides the ultimate motorcycle driving challenge for intrepid adventurists. Motorcyclists from around the world know that reaching Deadhorse is a "must do" as they try to check-off riding destinations around the globe.

The Aerostich Adventure Team will start the adventurers from Fairbanks, sweeping the group with their event security vehicle. Once the entrants reach Prudhoe Bay they can opt to join the famed Polar Bear Club with a swim in the Arctic Ocean or bask with their fellow riders in the success of their personal accomplishments to reach Deadhorse.

Deadhorse mapAccording to Roger Pattison, Aerostich Tours Director of Operations, "This tour is an opportunity for the true adventure rider to test their individual commitments and riding abilities by conquering one of the toughest roads in North America. They can join like-minded adventure riders in the camaraderie of a group of hardened travelers. This ride is for the advanced motorcyclist, one possessing the skills, equipment, and drive to accomplish what many have failed to do, reach Deadhorse. Severe and rapidly changing weather conditions, no service facilities, poor road conditions and errant vehicles and animals along the 416 miles make this adventure ride a personal accomplishment not equaled anywhere on the globe. This road has humbled some of the most experienced motorcycle adventure riders. We are looking for a select group made up of individuals from around the globe, a multi-national affront on the famed Haul Road."

The tour is open to any displacement size motorcycle, sidecar or  trike, solo or with a pillion. Entrants are to be self-sufficient, arriving in Fairbanks on their own.

For more information, see www.aerostichtours.com.

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