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2012 was a great year for AMA and ATVA competition. Here, some of the national champions and top competitors talk about the 2012 season, look ahead to the 2013 season, and explain why AMA and ATVA competition is the best racing on the planet. No other No. 1 plate matters.


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Tristan Avery: 2012 AMA Dirt Track Amateur Grand Championship 250 DTX and 250 Mod 2 Stroke class champion

March 29, 2013

14 year old, Tristan Avery, of Chesterfield, Va., is the 2012 AMA Dirt Track Amateur Grand Championships 250 DTX and 250 Mod 2-Stroke class champion.

Avery has been racing since he was four and feels that most of the competitors at the Nationals are very good.

He enjoys this series because it is very competitive and challenging, "which makes it a lot of fun and worth training for every winter and all the traveling during the racing season," he said.

For the 2013 season Avery has set the following goals: "To make all my main events, and train every day and go racing at least three weekend a month," he said.

He also plans to continue racing this series until the day he turns 16 and can go pro.

During his free time, Avery enjoys playing baseball, basketball, working out and helping his family and friends.

"I'd like to thank everyone, Ride Academy, Mr. Sign, O'neal MX, Vortex, Cycra, Lightshoe, AGV Helmets, Bell Ray Oil, ABRacing, Daniese, Scott Goggles, Mike Hacker, SLR, RLJ Motors, Newman Motorsports, Leo Vince Exhaust and most of all my family for support and my Dad for taking me all over the county," Avery said.