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2012 was a great year for AMA and ATVA competition. Here, some of the national champions and top competitors talk about the 2012 season, look ahead to the 2013 season, and explain why AMA and ATVA competition is the best racing on the planet. No other No. 1 plate matters.


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Laura Peters: 2012 AMA/NATC Moto-Trials National Championship Clubwomen class champion

March 28, 2013

Laura Peters, a 30-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, competed in the AMA/NATC Moto-Trials National Championship Series and is the national champion in the Clubwomen class.

"All of the girls in that class really worked hard last year to learn and improve," Peters said of her competition. "They always kept me on my toes. I was so proud of them for learning so much."

Peters has been riding trials off and on since she was 17, but she didn't really start focusing on them until 2005.

"I like riding nationals because I get to make friends with people from all over the country. It is nice to see them every summer," she said.

Her plans for 2013?

"I intend to compete at the same level of difficulty, but I am not sure which class yet," Peters explained.

"I will probably compete until my husband and I decide to have children," she said.