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2012 was a great year for AMA and ATVA competition. Here, some of the national champions and top competitors talk about the 2012 season, look ahead to the 2013 season, and explain why AMA and ATVA competition is the best racing on the planet. No other No. 1 plate matters.


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Gary Semics: 2012 MX 50 Masters class national champion

March 25, 2013

Gary Semics, of Lisbon, Ohio, is the 2012 champion in the Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, presented by Amsoil 50 Masters class.

Semics has been racing for more 40 years and enjoys racing in this particular series because: "It is the most organized. All the industry is there, or at least tuning into the race and it's where all the best amateur riders come together."

Semics' plans for 2013?

"I don't plan to race anymore," he said. "I'll be 59 this summer and there are other ways I'd rather spend my time. One way is continuing to help other riders through my motocross schools and technique videos.

"I started riding at 10, started racing at 14 and have been every since. I've been doing motocross schools since 1985. I started producing Motocross Technique DVDs in 1992 and now have 25. I was a personal trainer for many top riders like: McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Dowd, Villopoto, Roncada and others. All together these riders have won 24 AMA Pro titles. In 1998 I started my motocross track in Lisbon OH. There's hardly anything else I do that's not related to motocross. Even eating and sleeping are somewhat related because I like to stay in good shape so I can continue to enjoy riding," Semics explained.

Semics would like to thank all of his sponsors for their support, including, Alpinestars, Dunlop, Fox, Maxima, Factory Connection, Works Connection, Wiseco, Renthal, SDG Seats, VP Race Fules, Scott USA, Ripped Vinyl, and Black Ops Moto.

Semics added: "Motocross riders are like one big family who share a unique fun-loving lifestyle. A lifestyle consisting of all life's up, downs, risks, challenges, defeats and victories. In motocross, money talks and BS walks. There is no truer measure of one's abilities than the starting gate and the checkered flag.

"Bikes change colors and styles, go from two shocks to one, from right-side up forks to upside-down forks, from 3 inches of travel to 12 inches, from 30 horsepower to over 60 and from four strokes to two strokes and back again. What doesn't change is the racer who gets on the bike and gives it 100 percent every singe time while constantly dealing with the weight of the hopes, dreams and pressures of winning. Ultimately, motocross is about people, not motorcycles, Hondas can be red, silver, black or any other color but what matters is the man or woman twisting the throttle. It has always been this way and it always will be. 
"I give great admiration and appreciation to all the pro motocross racers because I know how much hard work and sacrifice it takes to get there. At this time I'm particularly proud of Ryan Villopoto not only for winning so many titles but for over coming all the adversity he had to rise above in order to do it. That young man has an extraordinary passion for winning motocross races. 
"What is also going to be extraordinary is the 2013 Pro Motocross National Series. There are a lot of talented hungry racers who have also been working hard and sacrificing a normal life to make their dreams come true. Who will come out on top from the two classes. We'll just have to wait and see as the starting gate and the checkered flag decides."