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2012 was a great year for AMA and ATVA competition. Here, some of the national champions and top competitors talk about the 2012 season, look ahead to the 2013 season, and explain why AMA and ATVA competition is the best racing on the planet. No other No. 1 plate matters.


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Patrick C. Tobin: 2012 National Enduro Series Senior B champion

March 04, 2013

Patrick C. Tobin, a 41-year-old racer from Fort Mill, S.C., finished first in 2012 in the Senior B class of the AMA Rekluse National Enduro Championship Series, presented by Moose Racing.

Tobin has been racing for roughly three or four years.

"I'm more of a recreational good-time rider. After all, isn't that what it's about, having fun on my dirt bike?" he said.

When asked about why he likes racing this series, Tobin explained: "Competition, as well as friendly vibes. Plus, I get to go difference places and ride in new terrain. A side benefit is I meet new and interesting people."

Looking ahead to the 2013 season, Tobin realizes he may not be able to participate in as many races. He said he plans on a few National Enduros but has "a little boy on the way!"

When Tobin isn't traveling to races he enjoys stand-up personal watercraft skiing, triathlons, motocross, snowboarding, billiards, disc golf and hanging out with family and friends.

Tobin  would like to thank: "My employer, who is basically my sponsor, Hewlett-Packard Networking. Although they aren't officially a sponsor of mine, that's how I make my living, as a sales representative. I'd like to thank my friends and family, and my favorite female, Ashley, she's awesome! Last, and most important, I'd like to thank God for keeping me safe while I keep 'tackling those woods'."