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2012 was a great year for AMA and ATVA competition. Here, some of the national champions and top competitors talk about the 2012 season, look ahead to the 2013 season, and explain why AMA and ATVA competition is the best racing on the planet. No other No. 1 plate matters.


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Chad Wienen: 2012 ATV Pro MX national champ

January 31, 2013

Chad Wienen joined the Yamaha Racing team in 2012 and immediately proved that Yamaha made the right choice by winning the 2012 AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound racer from Galena, Ill., rode his YFZ450R to six first-place finishes, three second-place finishes and a third-place finish in the 10-race series to capture the title. A pro since 2006, this is the 27-year-old Wienen’s first AMA ATV MX championship title.

Q: You and defending champion John Natalie took the battle down to the wire.
Chad Wienen: Yes, it was a battle for sure. Things were getting intense between us in some of the races towards the end. I just rode how I started the year, going out to win.

Q: Who were some of the toughest competitors you faced in 2012?
CW: The top five were some fast guys and then you had Josh Creamer who came and raced some rounds the last three races. He showed some speed out on the track.

Q: You race a Yamaha YFZ450R. What do you think of it?
CW: It’s an awesome machine that helped us get our first championship! What I love most about the Yamaha is that it is a quad you can ride and ride and ride. It’s low maintenance. This is the first time I had zero DNF's.

Q: What do you like about the AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series?
CW: It is the premier series where the best of the best go to compete for the championship.

Q: How long do you plan to continue racing the AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series? Do you foresee any up-and-comers who will keep the racing exciting?
CW: As long as I can. Ten years. Yes, for sure, there’s lots of potential out there. There are bright futures [for many riders].

Q: What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time that’s unrelated to ATV riding?
CW: Golfing, cycling, swimming, anything outdoors. I hang out with friends and enjoy life.

Q: Who are your sponsors? Who would you like to thank?
CW: Wienen Motorsports, SSi, Walsh, Yamaha, Maxxis, Fox Shox, FMF, Hinson, and Fly are some.  My dad, Ryan, Danica, grandparents and all my friends, family and fans!

Q: What advice would you give a young person who wants to be an ATV racer like you?
CW: Work hard and enjoy the ride!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

CW: I would like to thank everyone who believed in me to get the championship in 2012 and to defend it in 2013.