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New product: Snap by FMF

November 05, 2012

The following is an industry press release...

FMF Snap quickly slides into your air boot, and provides instant performance gains.

  • Better throttle response & more torque
  • No fuel or jetting changes required
  • Easy installation

The air box is connected to the throttle body by the air boot. The typical boot is inefficient in routing the airstream as it snakes around the shock and frame before reaching the throttle valve. The irregular shape of the boot produces unsteady and erratic air flow-turbulence. The result is compromised power delivery.

The FMF SNAP™ divides the air passage within the boot into quadrants to increase air velocity by directing the air stream and reducing turbulence.

With improved air flow to the throttle valve, you will experience crisper and immediate throttle response as well as a boost in the low to mid-range torque.

Installing the SNAP™ is as simple as changing the air filter in most cases and requires no jetting or fuel changes. Drop it in the air boot and feel an immediate difference at the first crack of the throttle with a healthier pull off the bottom.

The FMF SNAP™ is bolt on performance.

018100 - FMF SNAP HON CRF450R 05-08
018100 - FMF SNAP HON CRF450X 05-12
018101- FMF SNAP HON CRF450R 11-13
018101- FMF SNAP HON CRF250R 2012
018102 - FMF SNAP HON CRF450R 09-10
018102 - FMF SNAP HON CRF250R 10-11
018103 - FMF SNAP HON CRF150R 07-12

018200 - FMF SNAP KAW KLX, KLR 650 87-12
018201 - FMF SNAP KAW KX250F 12-13
018201 - FMF SNAP KAW KX450F 12-13

018400 - FMF SNAP YAM YZ250F 10-13
018400 - FMF SNAP YAM WR250F 07-13

018300 - FMF SNAP SUZ DRZ 400E 00-07
018300 - FMF SNAP SUZ DRZ 400S 00-12
018301 - FMF SNAP SUZ RMZ250 12-13
018500 - FMF SNAP SUZ RMZ450 2013

018200 - FMF SNAP KTM 250SX, XC, 300XC 2011
018200 - FMF SNAP KTM 250,300, EXC,
018500 - FMF SNAP KTM 350, 450, 500EXC,
XCF-W 12-13
018500 - FMF SNAP KTM SXF350 11-12
018500 - FMF SNAP KTM 250SXF, XCF,
XCF-W 2012


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