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New product news: New thread locker, vibration damper for fasteners

April 23, 2014

The following is an industry press release...

Tectorius™, a world leader for fastener coating and assembly needs, is pleased to present Vibra-Stop™ thread locker, sealant and anti-vibration compound.

Vibra-Stop product differs from other thread-locking compounds in a variety of ways:

  • Coated pieces can be removed and reinstalled multiple times, making part-servicing easy
  • Installation can occur immediately OR indefinitely after application of Vibra-Stop. The formula dries after application, allowing parts to sit disassembled for weeks or months.
  • The formula is effective and non-damaging on metallic and non-metallic surfaces (even plastic), and works on both threaded and non-threaded fasteners.
  • In addition to Vibra-Stop Grade 3 (regular brush grade), the product is available in many other grades including an aerosol spray version.

Vibra-Stop overcomes traditional roadblocks that prevent thread-lockers from being packaged in spray applicators. Curing limitations and instability barriers have been eliminated with Vibra-Stop aerosol spray, further extending the vast capabilities of this unique product. Call Tectorius at 586-232-3999 to order.

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