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Concours bound: Custom Indian

November 06, 2012

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Dave Mungenast Memorial Concours d'Elegance always features motorcycles for every taste. Participants show bikes from several eras and disciplines. Some bikes are expertly restored while others are near-perfect preservations of the original. Bill Biler is a participant for this year's show and he is bringing a completely unique and custom bike that took him over a decade to complete.

We spoke with Bill to get some inside knowledge on the specific motorcycle he is showcasing at the Concours.

Q: What is some basic background information on the bike you are bringing to the event?
It is the BB Special and was designed and built by me and a few of the greatest bike builders in the industry.  I started the project back in 2000 and just finalized it last month.

Q: When/why did you decide to take on a project this big?
I became the Indian Dealer for the San Francisco Bay Area in early 1999 and at that time I wanted Indian to build a rubber mounted (engine) bike, think FXR Harley. Indian said no so I took early pictures of my father on his Indian Roadmaster and got to work.

Q: What is your favorite design aspect of this bike?
The 50’s inspiration was what I wanted from the outset and if Elvis were alive this is what he would ride.

Q: Where did your inspiration come from when you were making design decisions for this bike?
My Fathers stories.

Q: What makes it cool or interesting?
Everything, let’s take a look. Cabbage Cutter bumpers, Full polish engine, 8 Yacht horns, swept fenders I could go on for hours.

Q: Is there anything special about this year’s induction ceremony that you’re looking forward to? 
Meeting all of the great people who make our hobby/sport so much fun.

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