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Voter guide spelling out candidates' positions now available for riders

September 27, 2012

ATVA members who want to know where candidates stand on ATV-related issues heading into Election Day should check out the 2012 American Motorcyclist Association Voter Guide. The online tool is an exclusive benefit of ATVA and AMA membership. The ATVA is part of the AMA.

Restricted recreational access to public land and health insurance discrimination against ATV riders are just some of the issues used to rate congressional and gubernatorial candidates in the 2012 AMA Voter Guide.

"The 2012 AMA Voter Guide gives ATVA members important information about political candidates," said Wayne Allard, a former U.S. representative and U.S. senator from Colorado who now serves as the AMA vice president for government relations. "The guide includes a rating for every federal and gubernatorial candidate of the major political parties who returned an AMA questionnaire."

The AMA 2012 Voter Guide is part of the AMA "Vote Like A Motorcyclist" campaign to help members decide how to cast their ballots in the coming elections.

"The AMA is a non-partisan organization and doesn't make political endorsements," explained Allard. "But we do provide tools to help our members make informed choices on Election Day and offer tips for getting involved in campaigns.

"The rating shows how closely the candidates' answers align with AMA positions," Allard said. "The 2012 AMA Voter Guide also features scorecards for federal incumbents seeking re-election that shows how closely their voting records and other actions match the positions held by the AMA."

Voting and getting involved politically are important because the results of Election Day lay the foundation for legislation and laws, Allard added. If anti-ATV candidates earn elected office, then they could legislate away opportunities to ride, cut back or eliminate funding for rider safety training, or even wipe out other programs that motorcyclists have spent years working to implement.

"We encourage ATVA members and all riders to cast their ballots and work on political campaigns based, in part, on candidates' positions on ATV-related issues, as well as other issues of importance to them," Allard said.

To learn more about the AMA's "Vote Like a Motorcyclist" campaign and to access the AMA 2012 Voter Guide online member benefit, go to

To join the ATVA, go to

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