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Products for Editorial Consideration  

Products For Editorial Consideration

Thanks for your interest in American Motorcyclist magazine: your connection to the country's most committed motorcyclists—and buyers.

Please consider these guidelines for supplying our editors with information regarding your products.

Items are selected on the basis of newsworthiness, relevance and interest level to our readers. The following information is needed to have your submission considered:
• Product Name
• Company Name
• Complete Street Address
• Phone Number
• Web Address
• Suggested Retail Price
• Product Features and Benefits

A press release and studio-quality photography are strongly encouraged. We prefer digital images that are at least 5x7 inches at 300 dpi or higher in JPEG format.

Information can be e-mailed to
James Holter
Managing Editor, American Motorcyclist
13515 Yarmouth Dr.
Pickerington, OH 43147

In addition to possibly being featured in the magazine, products may also be selected for a more detailed treatment in the magazine. In those cases, products may be sent out to AMA members for their impressions, with edited versions of their impressions appearing in American Motorcyclist and on