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AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days  

2015 Registration

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Supplemental Rules

For motorcycle year and design requirements AMA-sanctioned vintage competition, see the 2015 AMA Rulebook Regarding Pro/Am, Standard, ATV and Youth Competition.

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Note: All proceeds from the AMA Vintage Grand Championships benefit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, which is administered by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.

Vintage racers are some of the most dedicated, enthusiastic motorcyclists in the world, and the AMA is proud to give these competitors the national recognition they deserve with the AMA Vintage Grand Championships.

Here are the highlights:

  •  The AMA Vintage Grand Championships crown vintage class AMA Racing National Champions in motocross, hare scrambles, trials and roadracing. The event also includes a round of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Championship Series.
  • Riders in motocross, hare scrambles, trials and roadracing will compete for AMA National No. 1 plates. Dirt-track racers will earn points toward series awards.
  • Designated A classes in each discipline earn points toward the event’s two highest honors: AMA Track Racing Vintage Grand Champion and AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion. In addition, a Senior class rider will be honored as the AMA Senior Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion for his or her performance in designated A classes in motocross, hare scrambles and trials.
  • Individual class champions in Motocross, Hare Scrambles, Roadrace and Trials and the Vintage Dirt Track National class Champions are invited to the end-of-year AMA competition banquet honoring all AMA National Champions.
  • Riders 12 years of age and older can compete in motocross, trials, hare scrambles and dirt-track events at the AMA Vintage Grand Championships. Riders must be 14 or older to compete on a motorcycle with a displacement more than 250cc. (Youth riders are not permitted in the dirt-track Brakeless class.) Riders 16 years of age and older can compete in the Roadrace events at the AMA Vintage Grand Championships.
  • Minors (riders under 18 years of age) Pre-entry only!!

    Effective for 2015, all minors must pre-enter the AMA Vintage Grand Championships by June 29. No post-entries will be accepted for any riders under 18 years of age for the Vintage Grand Championship Motocross, Hare Scrambles, and Trials events after June 29. All minors must complete an AMA and a Mid-Ohio Minor Release and submit it to Mid-Ohio, as well as the AMA. Contact Tamra at (800) 262-5646, ext. 1235, to request the required AMA and Mid-Ohio minor release form.  Roadrace riders must be 16 years of age and older.

  • 2015 AMA Minor Annual Release
  • 2015 Mid-Ohio Minor Release for VMD only
  • The AMA Annual Release must be printed in color and notairzed. If you cannot print in color, please call AMA Organizer Services at (614) 856-1900 and request original color forms.


Roadrace Registration at Gate 3

Motocross and Off- Road Registration at Quonset hut - Ross Road off Steam Corners Road

Dirt Track Registration at Ashland County Fairgrounds in Ashland, Ohio