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Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge  

Can you get better fuel mileage than Craig Vetter? Find out at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days and maybe win some cool stuff.

Competition breeds excellence, and on Sunday morning, July 12, at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, Motorcycle Hall of Famer Craig Vetter will challenge all comers to push the limits of motorcycle fuel economy.

Craig Vetter and Crew
See if you can get better fuel mileage than these guys. Sign up for the Craig Vetter Fuel Challenge at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

The 2012 Las Vegas to Barstow Challenge, right after the 2012 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held at higher speeds, in high winds and over mountains. Kawasaki’s Paul Golde led the group on a 220-mile Sunday morning ride through high-desert country few had experienced before.

"The goal of the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge is to discover the least amount of energy -- in dollars and cents -- it takes to travel the way we really ride," said Vetter. "The conditions of these events reflect utility and reality, not controlled track conditions. Not only do entered motorcycles have to produce excellent mileage, but they must be comfortable, attractive and be able to carry a reasonable load -- such as four bags of groceries."

As the country's grandest celebration of the people and machines that define motorcycling's history, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days provides a unique backdrop for an event focused on the future of motorcycle design.

"Our goal with these events is to move motorcycle technology forward," Vetter added. "This is an opportunity for riders to participate directly in that process."

Vetter said that the route from the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course will be long enough to test the motorcycles, but without taking the participants away from too many other AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days activities. There will be awards for the overall winner, the best electric bike, and the best performing vintage motorcycle -- 1969 model year and older.

"How many times have we heard that the old bikes got great mileage?" Vetter asked. "My Brit buddies are sure their BSA singles from the '50s and '60s got 100 mpg. And who knows? Maybe they did. At the AMA Vintage Days Vetter Challenge, we will learn the truth."

Rules and additional details about the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge are available at CraigVetter.com.