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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. States around the nation use this month to educate motorists about recognizing motorcyclists in traffic, as well as encourage motorcyclists to be careful on the road. Check out the American Motorcyclist Association’s webpage that includes numerous proclamations and other information. You can access the page by going to
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  • Nilsu 05 Aug

    / i've been ridin since i was 13, am now 49 have'nt been without a bike for very long in all the years latley, what i've seen at least, is people with the cell phones are the most likely to run someone down or whatever -ever time there is a close call it's someone on a cell phone or older folks that are peepin barley over the steering wheel -anyway, look out for yourselves they're not lookin out for u wj.
  • Mike 30 Aug

    Love to Ride but Please Drive Safe ! very important for all of Safety First ................
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