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Elect Motorcycle Friendly Candidates

Campaign season is a crucial time for candidates running for office. It is when candidates turn to you, the voter, to help get them elected. The best way to make a difference in the election process is to become informed, volunteer and vote. By volunteering your time and effort for candidates who support motorcyclists, you take an active role in protecting the future of motorcycling.

Donating a few hours of your time and encouraging your fellow riders to do the same could make all the difference the next time a motorcycle-related issue is considered. Local races and special elections will especially benefit from your involvement because they typically do not turn out a lot of volunteers or voters, so a little effort can go a long way.

As a campaign volunteer, you chose how you support a candidate and how often. Volunteering can be fun and rewarding. Listed below are additional tips, suggestions and information you can use to become an effective campaign volunteer and help elect motorcycle-friendly candidates.

Get involved with elections

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  • Register to vote

  • Identify motorcycle-friendly candidates

  • Establish a relationship with candidates

  • Word-of-mouth promotion

  • Host a meet and greet

  • Write a letter to your local newspaper editor

  • Administrative help

  • Make phone calls

  • Volunteer on Election Day or the final week of a campaign

  • Make a financial contribution

  • Material distribution

  • Attend local events

  • Campaign structure

  • Be an effective volunteer

Volunteer! Contact AMA’s Government Relations Department Grassroots Team at