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Communicate With Elected Officials

Communicate with elected officialsAs a voting constituent, you have the ability to influence legislation. Your lawmakers at the federal, state, and local levels are elected by you and work for you. They care about the concerns of their constituents and the policies that affect the communities they represent. Letting your legislators know your views on specific issues shows them you are keeping track of their votes and encourages them to vote your way.

There are several ways to communicate with your elected officials. Listed below are a few tips and suggestions that will maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

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How to communicate with elected officials

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  • Find contact information for your elected officials

  • Call your elected officials

  • Send a letter or e-mail to your elected officials

  • Fax a letter to your elected officials

  • Schedule a meeting with your elected officials

  • Attend a town hall / public meeting

  • Print the How to Communicate with Government Guide

  • Share any replies you receive with the AMA