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Kids & Dirtbikes: A Perfect Combination

By James Holter

We all love to ride motorcycles. And for those of us with kids, there's a sense of urgency to pass I love to ride!along our enthusiasm for two wheels.

However, that passion could also preempt some important details that make the learning process safer and more fun. If you rush it, you could miss the opportunity to establish the good judgment and skills that could provide the foundation for a lifetime of safe riding.

Even worse, without the right approach early-on, a young rider could adopt bad habits that could persist through adulthood.

To get young riders off to the right start, the AMA has assembled some guidelines for introducing kids to the two-wheeled world.

For some practical advice and an overview on getting started, check out the links below. In addition to these tips, the Getting Started in Racing section of this website includes competition advice specifically for kids, including suggestions from a some of racing's best-known personalities.

The bottom line, though, is something we all agree on: Riding motorcycles is one of the best pastimes on the planet. Take the time to teach your kids right, and you open the door to a lifetime of fun, thrills and adventure.

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