February 5th, 2014 —
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ISDE: The Team

There are three premier teams that represent the U.S. at the ISDE. The World Trophy Team features four riders who compete in all three displacement classes that contest the ISDE: the E1 class, which features 100cc to 125cc two-stroke and 175cc to 250cc four-stroke motorcycles; the E2 class, which features 175cc to 250cc two-stroke and 290cc to 450cc four-stroke motorcycles; and the E3 class, which features 290cc to 500cc two-stroke and 475cc to 650cc four-stroke motorcycles.

The Junior Trophy Team fields three riders younger than 23 years old, competing in a minimum of two classes, and the Women's Trophy Team fields three riders. Also part of the U.S. team are members on various club teams made up of riders from all over the country.

Traveling and competing in the ISDE is an expensive undertaking, and many riders have to race on their own dime. In some cases, riders have provided contact information so you can learn more about helping back their program. 

2016 World Trophy Team

Thad Duvall

Taylor Robert

Kailub Russell

Ryan Sipes

2016 Junior Trophy Team

Grant Baylor

Steward Baylor

Trevor Bollinger

2015 World Trophy Team

Mike Brown

Thad Duvall

Taylor Robert

Kailub Russell

Ryan Sipes

Gary Sutherlin

2015 Junior Trophy Team

Grant Baylor

Steward Baylor

Justin Jones

Layne Michael

2015 Women's Trophy Team

Rachel Gutish

Mandi Mastin

Jamie Wells

2015 Senior Club Team (Team Elizabeth Scott)

Jayson Densley

Fred Hoess

Brian Storrie

2015 Boise Ridge Riders Club Team

Kale Elworthy

Skyler Howes

AJ Lehr

2015 Eric Cleveland Club Team

Jubal Brown

Geoffrey Sanders

Dillon Sheppard

2015 GoFasters.com Club Team

Reid Brown

Nathan Ferderer

Brian Garrahan

2015 MO Mudders Club Team

Ryan Kudla

Michael Pillar

Kyle McDonal

2015 Tony Agonis Club Team

Benjamin Kelley

John Kelley

Joshua Toth

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