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Fly Fifty5 Jacket

April 01, 2013

Warmth And Safety All In One

MSRP: $259.95

Ted PascheThe Fly Fifty5 is a good-looking jacket, with plenty of removable armor and well-thought-out features at a decent price.

Style-wise, the jacket is slick. I went with black and the standard white/green leather inserts in a band around the chest, arms and back. Across the front band of leather and on each arm just below the shoulder is the Fly logo, tastefully done.

The jacket comes with a removable liner that kept me comfortable behind a windshield with temps in the upper 40s. By removing the liner and opening up the two front-zippered shoulder vents as well as the larger rear shoulder vent and unzipping the wrist expansion, plenty of air passed through on the warmer rides.

On night rides, extra safety is provided with a reflective piping sewn into the rear band up high from shoulder to shoulder. 

The jacket shell has two materials. One has a smooth surface on the main body, another a heavy, stretchy material on the inner arms. This material is doubled up from just above the elbows to the wrist. 

There are two outer hand-warmer pockets and two pockets on the interior of the shell, plus a nifty pocket on the left sleeve for money or credit cards for convenient access during stops. All pockets are zippered.

The wrists have more elastic material behind the zipper opening. When the wrist is zippered closed, there is also a snap for added safety to keep the end from riding up either while riding or during a get-off.

All body armor is removable via hook-and-loop fasteners on interior seams, and there is a full-length wind/rain gusset behind the heavy front zipper. The neck opening has a snap with a retainer so it won’t flap when not snapped and is lined with a fleece material that doesn’t chaff the neck. On each side of the waist is a hook and loop strap to allow adjustment, and at the rear of the shell is an interior flap with a zipper so you can attach the jacket to matching pants.

The quilted, removable full-sleeve liner has two zippered pockets on the interior, knit cuffs and elastic on the sides to allow for another piece of apple pie during lunch. Snaps keep the liner in place in the shell. A handy feature on the sleeve snaps is that they are color coordinated so the sleeves won’t be twisted inside the shell.

The liner zips easily into the shell at the front, as is normal. You could wear the liner alone, but the seams are exposed when worn that way, so it isn’t a fashion statement except around the campfire.

Fly thoughtfully provides a packet with spare snaps in case they need to be replaced. 

The only criticisms are there’s no way to completely block wind or rain from going up the sleeves or down the neck during cooler weather or during a rainstorm. The ability to adjust via a hook-and-loop strap or multiple snaps would be welcome. Another nice touch would be straps to cinch up the sleeves at the elbow and bicep to minimize wind flap, especially when the liner is removed. 

All in all, however, this is a very nice jacket that out-performs its price point and looks good doing it.

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