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Shirey pulls another win for round four of the AMA National Youth Hare and Hound series

April 16, 2013

The following is an industry press release...

Round 4 of the AMA National YOUTH Hare and Hound Series broke the attendance record held so far this season signaling great things in the future! Over 50 Kids, between 4 and 15, girls and boys, first time racers and seasoned "veterans" all lined up to do battle on the most technical course of the season. So Cal MC laid out 2.5 miles for the Pee Wees, Micro/65s and Girls and a 6 mile course for the Super Mini / Junior Minis that would challenge every one of them.

With Factory KTM Racers Toby Price and Kurt Caselli dropping the banner the Pee Wee race started across the desert. The kids are getting better and better at every round with the dead engine start and they kept their little 50cc bikes pinned across the desert.

Series points leader Cole Timboe (N34) would get off to a dead last start after his KTM was pushed to the line with early morning troubles - just like the big boys! He would be able to battle his way up to 4th overall, his first time off the top step of the podium.

First time Pee Wee Racer Ryan Cliff would push hard during the 25 minute moto pulling over 1 minute on the very consistent Trenton Thoneson who would finish 2nd overall for the 2nd time this season. Another first time National Youth Racer, Tyler Thompson, would wrap up the KTM dominated Pee Wee Podium.

The Micro/65 and Girls race was now on the course and Checkers MC Racer Clayton Roberts was out front leading the pack from the get go. Roberts won the first round in the Junior Class but dropped down to the 65cc machine for this weekend. He would put over 2 minutes on series points leader Cody Glover who would finish 2nd in class and 3rd overall after battling with Utah's Rachel Stout. Glover would maintain his points lead over So Cal MC's Mason Klein who would finish 3rd Micro/65. 

In the girls class a battle that has been raging between the Taylor Olivas and Caitlyn Kurtz would play out again. This time Olivas would come out on top after finishing 2nd to Kurtz every time they have battled. Kurtz would not have the best day on the course but with a solid 3rd place finish she was able to extend her points lead over Olivas to +31. Rachel Stout (N71) would get the lead early and finish 1st for the 2nd time in a row after her long 14 hour drive from home. She currently sits 3rd in points but if she stays consistent she has a chance at the title especially with Round 6 and 7 being part of her home series in Utah. 

The final race of the day is always a great one with the fastest kids, longest and most technical course, and closest racing. This time it was Kurt Caselli and Ivan Ramirez holding up the banner and with the wind picking up they were struggling to hold it straight. At the drop of the banner the kids were all off like a swarm of bees across the first valley. Checkers MC's Dalton Shirey would jump out to an early lead putting 10 seconds on Utah's Kolton Christensen on the first lap. The top 4 riders would smash the hotshot challenge finishing the very technical 6 mile loop in under 14 minutes. 

Max Hintz would lead the Junior Mini's around the course for the first two laps and would do battle with series points leader James Thomas and Mason Matthies for the remainder of the hour long race. The three would nose to tail almost all the way to the finish! In the Super Mini Class while Shirey was pulling further and further out front the Utah boys, Christensen and Braydon Bland, would be battling it out. Bland would have to battle through the field after a less then perfect start but would catch up to Christensen and make the pass for 2nd on the 3rd lap. Now he set his sights on Shirey but wasn't able to make up the 2 minute gap that he had gotten in the clean air out front. 

Bland, finishing 2nd, would retain and stretch out his points lead while 2nd in points Jarett Megla would not fair so well this weekend. After getting flats, both front and rear, he would soldier on to finish 5th. While it wasn't a great end to the day he still stays within striking distance of the Super Mini Championship. The Junior Minis would cross the finish line literally nose to tail with Thomas grabbing his 2nd win of the season followed by first time National Youth Racer Max Hintz and Chase Guise finishing 3rd and taking over 3rd in points. Matthies would finish 5th and hold on to a strong 2nd in points.

As the series keeps growing steam the racing gets closer and closer and the battles get better and better. The cross over from National Youth to the big biike National race has already begun with 1st Overall Super Mini Dalton Shirey going on to finish 3rd in the 200 B Class on Sunday. Lots more kids are eyeing the "big bike" race and we will be seeing an influx of mini racers Sunday. One such racer is Utah's Rebecca Stout who has promised to race the Sunday event at Round 5 of the series!!!

Next Round - 4/27/13 - Lucerne Valley, Ca - North Anderson

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S MINI: 1. Dalton Shirey (KAW); 2. Braydon Bland (KTM); 3. Kolton Christensen (KTM); 4. Hayden Hintz (KAW); 5. Jarett Megla (KTM);

85CC: 1. James Thomas (YAM); 2. Max Hintz (YAM); 3. Chase Guyse (KAW); 4. Lane Forbes (YAM); 5. Mason Matthies (KAW);

GIRLS: 1. Rachel Stout (HON); 2. Taylor Olivas (VOR); 3. Caitlyn Kurtz (KTM); 4. Amber Hoffman (YAM); 5. Laci Olivas (KAW);

65CC: 1. Clayton Roberts (KAW); 2. Cody Glover (KAW); 3. Mason Klein (KTM); 4. Cory Adkins (KTM); 5. Cole Kapko (KAW);

50CC: 1. Ryan Cliff (KTM); 2. Trenton Thonesen (KTM); 3. Tyler Thompson (KTM); 4. Cole Timboe (KTM); 5. Seth Dumont (HON);

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