February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Why Should You Join the AMA?

Why Should You Join The AMA?

You won't find a better racing experience anywhere, period.

Do you want to race? AMA Racing, the amateur competition arm of the American Motorcyclist Association, sanctions more than 3,000 races and rides in all 50 states. There’s plenty near you. Join today!

racingDo you like diverse racing experiences? AMA Racing sanctions competition in 14 different types of events, from motocross to dirt-track, from observed trials to hillclimb, from roadracing to drag racing. Join today!

Do you prefer well-run races? AMA Racing, the amateur competition arm of the American Motorcyclist Association, is the gold standard for motorcycle racing. You’ll find the best racers, the best promoters, the best tracks. Join today!

Do you like fair rules for everyone? The AMA Racing rulebook is formulated by a group of nationally elected AMA members who make well-reasoned recommendations to the AMA Board for approval. Rules are then applied at all races. Join today!

hare and hound raceDo you like a logical class structure that pits you against riders of similar skills? AMA Racing rules govern advancement in many kinds of district-level competition. Join today!

Do you want a chance to win a National Championship? AMA members can qualify and race in elite-level National Championships, competing for one-of-a-kind National No. 1 plates. Join today!

Do you dream of going pro? Not everyone can, but for those who do, the path is clear: AMA Racing can get you there. Join today!

Do you want a connection to your racing heroes? Nearly all professional motorcycle racers are AMA members, and most started racing as AMA racers. You share their history. Join today!

Do you want to keep your riding areas and tracks open? The AMA fights bad laws that close trails and restrict riding on private property. Join today!

Would you like Roadside Assistance for your race transporter, your car and your street-licensed vehicles? AMA members enjoy  special, member-discounted rates for the AMA Roadside Assistance program, which includes: 24-hour roadside assistance for your motorcycles and all the rest of your vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs and trailers. Coverage is included for your spouse and dependent children living at home or away in college. Trip-interruption insurance, limited legal services and more is available. Join today!

Do you like to save money? Gear and parts from Bike Bandit, Schampa, ActionStation/Bohn Body Armor, MADMaps, AMA Supercross and Arenacross tickets, along with discounts on rental cars, hotels, and much much more. Click here for a full list. Join today!

Do you have health insurance? The AMA is actively working to make sure that you can’t be denied coverage for injuries from a motorcycle crash. Join today!

racingDo you think motorcycle engine output should be limited? The insurance industry is pushing for these laws, and others that specify certain types of equipment, like anti-lock brakes. The AMA is fighting back. Join today!

Do you ride sportbikes? The insurance industry tried to ban sportbikes before, but the AMA convinced the U.S. senator who introduced their bill that the insurance industry had no proof that sportbikes should be banned. Join today!

Do you believe motorcycling should be protected? 
The AMA maintains a full-time staff in Ohio, Washington, D.C. and California that works diligently to protect your right to ride. Join today!

Do you like to be entertained and informed on the latest in the world of motorcycling? American Motorcyclist magazine covers all facets of motorcycling, including the most in-depth stories on legislative issues that affect your right to ride and a comprehensive calendar of AMA road-riding and competition events. Join today!

Looking for the latest updates in motorcycling? AmericanMotorcyclist.com is your online source for all things motorcycling, including special members-only content.  In addition the members-only AMA Extra e-mail keeps you in the loop. Join today!

super bikeDo you like to ride with friends? Get in touch with fellow riders in one of more than 1,200 AMA-chartered social clubs. Find a club near you. Join today!

Do you like to ride with peace of mind?  Optional medical and insurance coverage is available for AMA members participating in sanctioned events. Join today!