February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Why Should You Join the AMA?

Why Should You Join The AMA?

The AMA works to keep trails open, protect your rights and make the ride better

Do you believe kids should be able to ride dirtbikes? Under an old federal law, kids dirtbikes were illegal—that is, until the AMA working with individual members and industry partners fought to overturn the ban. Be a part of future battles to protect our kids' right to ride! Join today!

off road imageDo you ride on public land? Where would you ride if it got shut down tomorrow? At the national and local levels, the AMA is working to block efforts to close trails and shut riders out of public land.  Do you want to ride on your own land? Is there a private riding area near you? Some jurisdictions try to pass laws banning riding in your own backyard, or private MX tracks. The AMA fights them. Join today!

Does your health-care plan cover you? Have you checked your medical insurance plan for exclusions? Some insurance plans won't cover injuries suffered on a motorcycle. The AMA is working to change that. Join today!

Do you want to ride more trails? When you buy gas for your off-highway vehicle, do you know where the gas tax money goes? It goes to the federal Recreational Trails Program, which the AMA helped establish. The program provides funds to the states to develop and maintain recreational trails. Join today!

trailsDo you want to make better trails? If you want to build trails, where would you start? A lot of riders start with the AMA Government Relations Department to get expert advice on building trails. Join today!

Do you worry about ethanol in your fuel? Do you know that there is a big push by the ethanol industry to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline? Increased ethanol could damage motorcycle engines. The AMA is working to block any increase in ethanol until it's shown that it's safe for motorcycles. Join today!

Would you like Roadside Assistance for your race transporter, licensed motorcycles and cars? AMA members enjoy special, member-discounted rates for the AMA Roadside Assistance program, which includes: 24-hour roadside assistance for your motorcycles and all the rest of your vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs and trailers. Coverage is included for your spouse and dependent children living at home or away in college. Trip-interruption insurance, limited legal services and more is available. Join today!

Do you like to save money? Gear and parts from Bike Bandit, Schampa, ActionStation/Bohn Body Armor, MADMaps, AMA Supercross and Arenacross tickets, along with discounts on rental cars, hotels, and much much more. Click here for a full list. Join today!

AMerican Motorcyclist magazineDo you believe motorcyclists should be able to modify their machines? New laws in California and elsewhere aim to require stock exhaust systems from the bike’s manufacturer. The AMA works to convince officials that there's a better way to control motorcycle sound. Join today!

Do you believe motorcycling should be protected? 
The AMA maintains a full-time staff in Ohio, Washington, D.C. and California that works diligently to protect your right to ride. Join today!

Do you like to be entertained and informed on the latest in the world of motorcycling? American Motorcyclist magazine covers all facets of motorcycling, including the most in-depth stories on legislative issues that affect your right to ride and a comprehensive calendar of AMA road-riding and competition events. Join today!

Looking for the latest updates in motorcycling? AmericanMotorcyclist.com is your online source for all things motorcycling, including special members-only content.  In addition the members-only AMA Extra e-mail keeps you in the loop. Join today!

competitionDo you enjoy racing and non-competitive off-road rides? The AMA sanctions more than 3,000 road riding, dual-sport and amateur racing events each year. Search for events online or see the calendar section in American Motorcyclist magazine. Join today!

Do you like to ride with friends? Get in touch with fellow riders in one of more than 1,200 AMA-chartered social clubs. Find a club near you. Join today!

Do you like to ride with peace of mind?  Optional medical and insurance coverage is available for AMA members participating in sanctioned events. Join today!